• Amith P.
    07/10/2020 01:39

    What problem do you have with our Indian PM and INDIAN FINANCE MINISTER? I'VE been seeing your videos and able to smell an agenda behind this to defame BJP in all circumstances and situations. mind your own business.

  • Srikanth R.
    01/10/2020 07:07

    The worst financial minister ever in the history of India 😂, her position in central governance was an act of god 🤣🤣🤣

  • Manali M.
    01/10/2020 03:01

    India is full idiots and such videos are feeding on them! Get a life ppl n leave them alone to wear whichever masks they want to!🙄

  • Sandesh R.
    30/09/2020 10:17

    Can anything be more senseless than this?? Y don't you show videos of opposition leaders still shamelessly enjoying govt facilities out of tax payers money Well those dint effect the country's economy but the finance minister of this country using home made masks out of her own money and promoting the country textiles is a problem to you, SHAME!! Don't loose your credibility by posting nonsense.

  • Fasi M.
    30/09/2020 06:00

    Wearing different types masks is an Act of God 📉

  • Pratik H.
    29/09/2020 10:34

    She don't have any work left now

  • Kunal K.
    29/09/2020 06:51

    Not news worthy.

  • Mathias A.
    29/09/2020 05:16

    Usko bolo Nirmala Sitaraman Jii Buy Indian Dothi Mens wear n Tie across You're Neck Instead of Mask 😷

  • Lokesh A.
    28/09/2020 11:08

    And we all see her masks rather than to understand and respond to a single word of whatever she says — how ironic.

  • Kiran S.
    28/09/2020 10:56

    At least she’s doing something right 🙄

  • Jaswant S.
    28/09/2020 08:14

    Puppet lady of mask. Seei Howedy feeding sweets to 1st citizen of india. Both without mask. After farmer bill guhgi ie signature.

  • SaGar G.
    28/09/2020 03:45

    Inspired By Our PM!

  • Mohamed A.
    28/09/2020 03:39

    Masks look great 👌 But economy 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tushar D.
    27/09/2020 17:10

    That's all that was left after bringing GDP to -23.9% and production to -50.0% and increasing to highest levels the NPA's of PSU Banks and unemployment , she even ate up 48,000/- crore of GST payable to States , as their legal portion under the GST Act , only masks were left to keep changing matching the Bai's sarees , that's all she was good at .

  • Abhinav R.
    27/09/2020 17:05

    u seems so unhappy..!! Or jealous !! Or some other agenda !!😜😂😂, U will definitely make some money by covering this news...buy different masks from that money... neutral media..!!🤣🤣

  • Saroj K.
    27/09/2020 17:03

    Increase our economy , give employment,,, stop this drama

  • Samrangan S.
    27/09/2020 14:20

    Iss aurat ka bass chale toh pure Bharat ko registry par bikwa degi. Inko hataya jaaye bhaiya😡😡

  • Rizwana A.
    27/09/2020 11:14

    Aur bhi gam hai zamane mein mask ke siwa

  • Ten K.
    27/09/2020 11:05

    Her mask matches,, but d budget didn't matchs.. act of God.. hahaa fm

  • Karthik V.
    27/09/2020 09:46

    This should be filed under useless review in some D grade style magazine.. who needs a journalist for this 😅

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