Gandhi Speaks About His Grandfather

Was Mahatma Gandhi a badass?! His grandson offers a surprising portrait of this Independence hero.

08/02/2018 2:00 AM
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  • Ravi C.
    23/10/2018 16:18

    पूरे हिन्दुस्तान को बर्बाद करने वाला, सबसे बङा 2,????????

  • Arnesh R.
    26/04/2018 09:08

    Why is meat consinerd a bad habit 😑😑

  • Dev P.
    07/03/2018 03:09

    Very correct.All values and morals are same in all religions.No difference in any respect.

  • Honey G.
    18/02/2018 10:22

    Say whatever, its always a gandhi’s photo on indian currency and it will always be.

  • Rahul D.
    18/02/2018 00:13

    Mahatma Godse

  • Ozman A.
    16/02/2018 12:05

    Eating meat is also sin ..? Get oxygen

  • Hrehaan S.
    09/02/2018 06:46

    Parth Pant

  • Harshit K.
    09/02/2018 01:55

    non violence is not a major cause of freedom ,it because of majorly the man Netaji subash chandra bose and INA to overcome with freedom from british nd other succeful hands are also there nd yess partition of countries is another big decision dat makes violence ie cum up with a war WW2 but one thing is truth dat gandhiji love his country

  • सारांश श.
    08/02/2018 22:33

    he was an idiot who opposed every progressive thing

  • Kavyashree A.
    08/02/2018 22:10

    Nobody knows the actual story. No media in that era. Every movement and words slipped from mouth is not documented real time. So what happened behind the scenes is a mystery. We are no one to judge whether he is good or bad. All that matters is today's world. Help yourself, loved ones and your neighbors too to lead a peaceful justice life.

  • Prashant S.
    08/02/2018 21:08

    yeh dekh 😆

  • Yash D.
    08/02/2018 21:03

    Yeh wohi budha hai jo keh rha tha ke America ke pass wo technology hai jo battery main se data chura lete hain😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sasmit K.
    08/02/2018 20:34

    Same on ghandhi ye na hota to acha hota

  • Sasmit K.
    08/02/2018 20:33

    Go to heeeellll you dum man

  • Pratik D.
    08/02/2018 20:31

    When he said "We assume..." That means the whole video is a lie!!!

  • Yugal S.
    08/02/2018 20:17

    Well it was Rabrindranath Tagore who gave him title of Mahtma

  • Manoj A.
    08/02/2018 19:54

    I hate to Gandhi he nothing did for Nation just made him self fame

  • Gurmeet B.
    08/02/2018 19:20

    Ma AAA do s. GA nduuu

  • Mohammad Z.
    08/02/2018 19:19

    वीडियो को बिना पूरा देखे comment करना बेवकूफ़ी है। पहले पूरा वीडियो देखो, समझो तब कुछ समझ में आएगा। All visitors are requested to watch complete video before writing any comment.

  • Dhanee K.
    08/02/2018 19:19

    Mathma Gandhi the father of nation

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