Gandhi Speaks About His Grandfather

Was Mahatma Gandhi a badass?! His grandson offers a surprising portrait of this Independence hero.

02/08/2018 2:00 AM
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  • Marco C.
    02/08/2018 02:11

    The only good thing he did was the non cooperation movement. His policy of non violence was extreme which costed blood of Hindus on Direct action day by the Muslim League goons. There was a reason why Godse killed him. It was another follower of Gandian philosphy, Morarji Desai, who told Pakisani officials about RAW agents in Pakistan which got them all killed. We learnt it the hard way that you cannot trust enemies with non violent policies. Stop glorifying gandhi.

  • जितेन्द्र ठ.
    02/08/2018 02:26

    ये क्या गांधी की बात करता है अंग्रेजी में बोल के , पहले अपने दादा से कुछ सीखो फिर इन जैसे नालायक बन्दों का साक्षात्कार करो ।

  • Ajith K.
    02/08/2018 02:29

    You know who is real Hero of India for me It's The Great Youth Leader Shri ji ! His INA gave more fear to Company then Ghandi satyagraha , that's a fact ! Worst thing Ghandi did let Bharath split in two pieces n caused millions of death ! By all this killing Ghandi become Mahatma n Nethaji ji become desh drohi 😕😕😕 Congress party sab ko ullu baneke rakka hai , now it's BJP doing make more worse ! God Bless India , if he exist 😂😂

  • Vishal L.
    02/08/2018 02:34

    He was like today's sadhus. Pretended to b saint

  • Ishpreet T.
    02/08/2018 02:37

    I hate gandhi !. Bhagat singh zindabad !!

  • Nayan S.
    02/08/2018 02:37

    the aim of partition was to separate hindu nd muslim....pakistan choose to b muslim country....y gandhiji made secular country....he is the reason behind reservation....the great baba saheb ambedkar dont want reservation ...gandhiji forcefully added reservation to our constitution....

  • Poojary M.
    02/08/2018 02:43

    Ye maha ganddhi

  • Onkar S.
    02/08/2018 02:44

    Ghandi dallal

  • Vee
    02/08/2018 02:48

    I'd love to see how the naive philosophy of Gandhi would stop forces like ISIS? Non-Violence, my ass 😂

  • Abeituo K.
    02/08/2018 02:52

    I thought it was your boss at first glance 😆

  • Sudhir M.
    02/08/2018 02:53

    he was a bhenc&**&%$# 😂

  • Shashank S.
    02/08/2018 02:58

    M k gandhi was a fake person He was self centered selfish and coward and antiHindu

  • Shantanu A.
    02/08/2018 03:01

    Ganda gandhi

  • Karmajit S.
    02/08/2018 03:02

    lol...he was eating meat

  • Shantaneel N.
    02/08/2018 03:04

    gandhi o tamak kheto thale??😝😝

  • Amit K.
    02/08/2018 03:11

    Gandhi was just a politician.

  • Shabaz A.
    02/08/2018 03:21


  • Nirmalya K.
    02/08/2018 03:29

    dakh eta....

  • Tarun M.
    02/08/2018 03:30

    Weird how over time people start disrespecting literally everybody. What harm did he ever cause you guys? We got our independence, be happy with that you fools. For some weird reason non-violence really worked and he knew it was the only way cos if we ever had to go to war with the British they would've destroyed us.

  • Shanky P.
    02/08/2018 03:37

    Why didnt they ask that if Gandhi were here would he support or remain silent on the issue of triple takaq like we liberals, sickulars, peacefools.