• Daniel P.
    13/09/2021 03:38

    Samsonsing Ingti is Respected. My 1998 Classmate Doll Derick Ingti, son of Topon Ingti Founder Song Karbi is Respected. Paul Dhinakaran. Regiment. Pillai leader of KPLT IS RESPECTED.👍🏻. MOVE.👍🏻

  • Sikandar K.
    12/09/2021 19:52

    Be a man enough to face the music yourself..

  • Mujahid A.
    12/09/2021 08:10

    Wait a minute! If this general knew about the inevitable Taliban take over for years, then why didn't he say anything before? Why did he wait until India wasted billions of dollars on afghanistan. It's probably because, he benefited from the government contracts that the Modi regime awarded. Even the Indian Military is corrupt.

  • Muhammad U.
    10/09/2021 14:53

    Ab bajae ga na bhiro

  • Waseem A.
    03/09/2021 14:25

    First u decide Taliban are Terrorist or not?? If they are,...don't accept their government?? But u r confused what to do🎃🎃🎃

  • Aisha A.
    01/09/2021 02:32

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  • Tania K.
    31/08/2021 10:19

    what a joker

  • Aadil K.
    30/08/2021 18:10

    Until unless there is no profit in war world will never see a peace.

  • Faheem J.
    29/08/2021 06:09

    Baby dont cry 😥

  • Shahzaib J.
    29/08/2021 01:36

    India After loosing their billions of investment in funding ttp n isis and to destabilise Afghanistan. 😂

  • Jahid H.
    28/08/2021 19:49


  • Suleman K.
    28/08/2021 17:28

    Get ready.

  • Nishant S.
    28/08/2021 14:08

    Jai Hind 🇮🇳

  • Waqas A.
    28/08/2021 09:39

    Dear Indians, get ready for surprises of Pulwama 2.0, Kargil 2.0, Pathankot 2.0, Mumbai 2.0, Kandahar Hijack 2.0 by Talibans 2.0 after surprises of Kargil 1.0, CT 2017 Final, Kalbhushan Yadev, & WC Abhinandan who was served with A FANTASTIC TEA on the cost of only 1 Mig 21 Bison.

  • Waqas A.
    28/08/2021 09:32

    like how Indian Rape Army holds banners in front of chinese troops in Ladakh which read "You're in Indian territory. Please Go Back".? Lmao

  • Hilario D.
    28/08/2021 08:23

    Nothing can be changed. All are waiting to happen things then show sympathy. It's like thief will kill innocent people for money and everything later police arrives investigate till then lot of innocent people will be victims. No one know what actually happening with people of Taliban.

  • Suresh N.
    28/08/2021 08:03

    Good to see some serious work on hand guys rather with no work for politicians going after innocent citizens on silly issues..

  • سمیع ا.
    27/08/2021 15:42

    No reports general ,,Tera kia bnay ga kalia ,,Kashmir ka zulam ab khatum ho ga boht jald.

  • King A.
    27/08/2021 14:40

    Khushak jo gai hai iss ki

  • Muhammad K.
    27/08/2021 11:12

    Bechara modi ko defend kr rha hai