George Fernandes’s Emotional Speech In Singapore

George Fernandes fought back tears while delivering this emotional speech about India’s commitment to peace at a meeting of defence ministers in Singapore in 2002. The former defence minister was speaking at the height of the 2001-02 standoff with Pakistan. It was sparked by a terror attack on the Indian Parliament in December 2001 by suspected Pakistan-backed operatives. As India and Pakistan went on to amass nearly a million troops on the border, terrorists assassinated Kashmiri separatist leader Abdul Ghani Lone in Srinagar in May. This flared tensions further and brought the two countries closer to war. In 1999, Fernandes had also overseen the Kargil War between the two nuclear powers. He died on Tuesday after a prolonged battle with Alzheimer’s.

29/01/2019 1:14 PMupdated: 05/02/2019 12:46 PM
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  • Ravi V.
    06/06/2019 02:01

  • Ankit C.
    17/02/2019 10:16

    Anurag yadav darpok nikla usne mujh jaise ko block kr diya apni lagoti utrati dekh...... Hr br uski utaar di jaati thi isliye usne mujhe block kr diya...

  • रामेंद्र प.
    16/02/2019 22:14

    समझाओ जाकर टप्पू कओऔर उनके अनपढ़ समाजवादियों को कि पढ़े लिखे जॉर्ज बहुत पहले समझा गए थे कि कल को कुछ ऐसा हो तो तुम्हारी तो औकात है नहीं हिंदी में न रटने या इंग्लिश में बकने की तो नकल कर लो और हर बार जब कुछ भी मौका आए तो सिर्फ एक ही चीज बोलना कि नेता जी ने शरीर को वापस लाना शुरू किया इस से पहले सिर्फ लाल समाजवादी टोपी आती थी। गोल्डी चौहन Nstai Ankit Chauhan

  • Kaustav K.
    16/02/2019 09:35

    George farnadez who stole army personnel martyr's coffin money, a big thief

  • Er N.
    14/02/2019 17:27

    Real leader

  • Surajit D.
    12/02/2019 18:05

    Congress defame him in fake coffin scam allegation . Now doing same with Rafael .

  • Soumyakanti C.
    09/02/2019 20:34

    This has always been the problem with India's political class. Affairs of the state and geo political issues have always been viewed with an emotional lens. These things should be looked at dispassionately and professionally. This is why India, despite its enormous resources, is still not taken seriously at the global stage. Can you ever imagine a Chinese, Russian or American defense minister being so emotional? Never. George Fernandes was a good person. He was honest and had empathy. But like all Indian politicians, lacked the ability to see strategically.

  • ডুলুজিৎ দ.
    08/02/2019 19:35

    AASU showed black flag to PM NARENDRA MODI to protest against CAB in Assam.

  • Aniket P.
    08/02/2019 13:17

    Restraint wont work with a country like Pakistan, sooner or later we will have to reduce them to a pile of Rubble. Not only should we attack and defeat them, but we should also make sure they are humiliated.

  • Bikki C.
    08/02/2019 02:44

    He is a True Indian Jai Hind

  • Apoorv S.
    03/02/2019 20:04

    The rarest out of rare man who being a non hindu workedwith the BJP rather than converts hating BJP today. Proud man

  • Gautam C.
    02/02/2019 14:06

    This was the guy in the movie who spoke to Thackeray in prison

  • Akash S.
    31/01/2019 16:02

    Hume rona hi aata tha bs! Shubham

  • Brut India
    31/01/2019 13:52

    Fernandes also oversaw a top-secret surgical strike across the Line of Control, writes Manvendra Singh of the Congress. It was never reported in the Indian media, he says, and that Pakistani media reports on the incident were later taken down.

  • Harsha K.
    31/01/2019 12:31

    One second brut India, not suspected Pakistan based terrorists, they were Pakistani terrorists

  • Pushpendra
    31/01/2019 11:37

    Huge respect , he and dr apj abdulkallam sahab ji r my idol

  • Yuvraj S.
    30/01/2019 19:03

    one of the finest leader we had..

  • Shekhar S.
    30/01/2019 17:30

    Om Shanti om

  • Padinjarethil S.
    30/01/2019 16:50


  • Brut India
    30/01/2019 12:11

    A full obituary for “George, the Giant Killer’’:

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