Government Car Runs Riot In UP Farmers Market

It was just another day at the local market for a group of farmers in Hapur, UP. That’s until an official’s car drove in and ran over all the vegetables they planned to sell. 😱

20/11/2019 8:49 AM
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  • Surya Y.
    07/05/2020 03:32

    Ye kya tarika hai Bhenchod

  • Riyas K.
    26/12/2019 09:00

    Up bjp gunda government..

  • Riyas K.
    26/12/2019 08:56

    അവന്റെ കാൽ പുഴുക്കും

  • Nizar M.
    23/12/2019 14:18

    Edum BJP yude pudiya pariskaram

  • Ganga G.
    23/12/2019 14:07

    ಇ ಬೂಳೀ ನನ್ನ ಮಕ್ಕಳಿಗೆ ಚಪ್ಪಾಲೀ ಓಡೀಬೇಕು

  • Hunti B.
    23/12/2019 12:30


  • Khateeb Y.
    23/12/2019 10:26

    My heart comes out this is worst. Feel the pain of farmers They can not do anything and just watching the waste of his hard work

  • Madallaymuthu M.
    23/12/2019 10:02


  • Takeinder B.
    23/12/2019 07:59


  • Dipak T.
    23/12/2019 07:36

    জীৱনত ৰদত বহি কপালৰ ঘাম মাটিত পেলাই নিজেই দুটকা ঘতিলেহে বুজি পাব দুখীয়াৰ মৰম বেদনাৰ কথা

  • Sanjay B.
    23/12/2019 06:08

    नमक हरामो ने नमक की कीमत कुछ ऐसे चुकाई, जिस देश का नमक खाया, उसी में आग 🔥 लगाई। 🎍जयश्रीकृष्ण🦚 💥जयश्रीराम 🏹 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Madara R.
    23/12/2019 03:59

    This is so bad we should respect d food ..n moreover those vegetables seller would have fallen in great loss ....please dnt give teouble to the poor farmers they just earn their living selling this things 😭😭😢😢😢

  • Sonu D.
    23/12/2019 02:27

    Kya ho Raha hai ye .

  • Waseem K.
    22/12/2019 16:46

    420 bjp

  • अविनाश व.
    22/12/2019 16:04

    या घटनेचा निषेध

  • Ranjid M.
    22/12/2019 15:47


  • Ben M.
    22/12/2019 15:34

    Though he is officer he should have some respect to the farmer ..mannerless officer an illitrate person..

  • Avinash S.
    22/12/2019 08:42


  • Bappa D.
    22/12/2019 06:09

    Ata agai dorkar celo. Joi hind

  • Rishal R.
    22/12/2019 05:33

    Everything else will then time you practice something, you feel it. You just get to see it ।।। We have enough people recognize you for this experience ... and how much you are going to do it like this zealous funny guy, and if you do all the community separation, we don’t lose our or power of the fraternity. Remind you bjp rss goons the you are going to examine it are gone away to see It will proceed to be defiant. We don’t forgive you

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