• Devender S.
    12/19/2017 15:22

    जय श्री राम

  • Sandeep S.
    12/19/2017 15:23

    मुख्यमन्त्री हत्यारे मंत्री को भगवान जाने कब बर्खास्त करेंगे

  • Charles D.
    12/19/2017 15:32

    he is happy he is a minister . so murder accusation can be manipulated

  • Ishfaq A.
    12/19/2017 15:53


  • Prathik S.
    12/19/2017 15:58


  • Shubham S.
    12/19/2017 16:27

    He is just one example.. Our Indian poltics is full of such examples...😂😂😂 Many of them are Criminals, goons, illiterate, corrupt etc.. but still Nothing can be done

  • Navendu C.
    12/19/2017 16:27

    How can we expect good governance when such kind of Politicians runs the govt. Rise and deny people we need to stand up and their game is over

  • ÅñjäLï S.
    12/19/2017 16:40

    SB Logo Ki Galti h . 50 Ki Daru Peeke aise Logo Ko Vote de aate h Phir Netao Ko Gali Dete h😑 Abhi Koi Well educated election me Khada Ho Jaye Koi Puchata tk nhi use😃

  • Jerry J.
    12/19/2017 16:40

    In pursuit of happiness minister😂

  • Shawshank P.
    12/19/2017 16:40

    If i hadn't gone thru comment box i couldn't hv figured out wht the matter was about...

  • Kamal G.
    12/19/2017 16:53

    Mama's bhanja..... both are happy

  • Rohit P.
    12/19/2017 17:06

    Gowri I would also be a good candidate for the post of minister of memes/bakchodi

  • Rishabh G.
    12/19/2017 17:07

    Killing someone is real happiness he knows that😂😂😂😂

  • Eunice C.
    12/19/2017 17:25

    HA HA HA HA... Which childish person made this video?? He probably knows v.little about Indian politics. Upto about the 1970s, politicians hired goondas to do their dirty work. In the 1980 - 1990 period, the goondas got smart and decided to directly contest themselves instead. And now we are in 2017...... 😌

  • Angoo B.
    12/19/2017 17:35

    He murders yet he's happy

  • Shrey V.
    12/19/2017 17:40


  • Divya D.
    12/19/2017 18:14

    Let's lol at ourselves

  • Rohit S.
    12/19/2017 18:23

    O teri bhes ke Aankh :p 😡

  • Sameer K.
    12/19/2017 18:30

    Yeh sanghi bane hi murder kar ke . Bloody murderers

  • Arijit B.
    12/19/2017 18:51

    He killed him, because the other person was sad. And for him it's a crime.