• Pardeep M.
    25/03/2020 11:22

    In other states are provide the daly need on control rate

  • Pardeep M.
    25/03/2020 11:17

    Because if we are not going on work so we have cash to purchase food and medicine what we do this time

  • Pardeep M.
    25/03/2020 11:14

    respected sir what about haryana labour class food

  • Pandit M.
    31/01/2018 15:38

    Uproot the brut india( black british organization).

  • Abhi R.
    31/01/2018 08:23

    Chutiya sala. mene na video dekha na dekhunga tera status hi dekh kr tere video ka pta chl gya

  • Satish O.
    30/01/2018 20:12

    करनी सेनाकी करनी बच्चोपर हमला क्या हिंन्दुत्व के नामपर राजनीती करनेवालोपर इतने बुरे दीन आगये है .

  • Mo S.
    30/01/2018 19:05

    Valdamir putin is right candidate fortunately he is russian

  • Jeetu S.
    30/01/2018 18:08

    Maa ki cho### AC Sarkar ki

  • Sufiyan D.
    30/01/2018 18:06

    India is in the grip of misfits

  • Talib R.
    30/01/2018 18:02

    Bharat mata ki jay

  • Talib R.
    30/01/2018 18:02

    Bahut achha vikash ho raha hai hamare desh ka ....Aise hi karte raho ..kuch dino mai hi hamra desh china aur america se bhi powerful ho jayega .. desh badal raha h..

  • Gunaranjan C.
    30/01/2018 17:55

    I told you so 😂😂

  • Aakash C.
    30/01/2018 17:50

    Very easy to speak and show these things..... First Put your feet into someone shoes...... Jaat demands for reservation that is old but unfortunately happened in ML government.(Reasons behind this) Ram Rahim case was resolved successfully as his followers around 5crore, but see how he got arrested by our Force under ML. (Understand the matter and senario) Now come to Padmavati matter All major states were hampered where Rajputs population is high.(as sentiments involved) Unfortunately all these above take place at the time of ML but successfully handled. Its very easy to say if we were there we do this way.

  • Sanjay T.
    30/01/2018 17:48

    BJP is party full of shithead dumbfucks. They should not be elected for another term else be ready to witness such riots more and more!

  • Jagdish K.
    30/01/2018 17:36

    BJP government in Haryana is failed

  • MD A.
    30/01/2018 17:31

    Iske jaisa bhadua cm koi nai hoga..

  • Tariq H.
    30/01/2018 17:25

    Ye rahe apke neta g ..jisne aaj tak kuch nai hua

  • Shahid S.
    30/01/2018 17:19

    Khattar more like Gutter

  • Purvesh B.
    30/01/2018 17:19

    मरने वाला चंदन गुप्ता नहीं चाँद खान होता तो देश में असहिष्णुता बढ़ जाती

  • Mintu M.
    30/01/2018 17:17

    Our so called pm is also silent, in this whole scenario... Might busy in videsh yatra..

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