• Shiva R.
    01/29/2018 14:30

    The question is whose doing the riots.. Are the riots there to just blame the govt ? who are these pests ? Its obvious.. 😉

  • Amandeep S.
    01/29/2018 16:13

    Karan Vir Singh

  • Naitik B.
    01/29/2018 16:20

    This fucker needs to be out.

  • Tanmoy B.
    01/29/2018 16:21

    Great job done

  • Shikhar G.
    01/29/2018 16:27

    Bhakt trolls want to blame Congress/Left when BJP MLAs openly called for violence. Anyway, whoever did it, govt fails to uphold law everytime! Boot them out in 2019 or they will continue this trend.

  • Sourav D.
    01/29/2018 16:30

    Vdo m or ak school bus jate huye dekhai day rha h uss bus KO v pathar mara Gaya h ya e koi sajish h

  • Exclamation M.
    01/29/2018 16:36

    Dont give a shit about which government it is but they need to do something about these riots and violence.. Its happening too often to just sit back and debate about politics

  • Ashim M.
    01/29/2018 16:38

    Sarkar jaaye to kaha jaaye, agar action le to problem agar na le to problem

  • Sangram S.
    01/29/2018 16:40

    You don't think there's some mistake in his name?

  • Md S.
    01/29/2018 16:40

    बकवास बात

  • Karanveer S.
    01/29/2018 16:49

    Flop Chief Minister.

  • Sonia N.
    01/29/2018 16:49

    He has the upper hand no one can move him

  • Bheem K.
    01/29/2018 16:53

    Useless page n bastard admin... You are one of the riot I guess...

  • Karri U.
    01/29/2018 16:54

    Arey falthu admin, The bus driver gave clear statement who did this and police also caught the goons whom belongs to " The most piece-ful religion on the face of earth i.e PISS-LAM " I think this admin is so dumb ! He has no idea when the real history of a nation were changed and picturized what would the world have an opinion on our country ?? Example that idiot Bouce-Ali the director " Bajirao Mastani " filmed the great Martha Warrior Bajirao Peshwa as a womanizer and as if he maintained concubines 😡 😡 Bollywood must be BANNED and Brut India channel must be blocked 😡

  • Sovindra C.
    01/29/2018 16:55

    Eat gir diwar se cement ka kya kasur. Aag laga re film 🎥 wale. Government ka k kasoor. Vidhwan apne ghar ko sambhal lo. C M pure Haryana ko sambhal lega. Aa gaye bakwaas karne

  • Sabyasachi S.
    01/29/2018 16:56

    He is not an able administrator and deserves removal from the post.....

  • Shamshad A.
    01/29/2018 16:58

    He is a loser not CM

  • Soni A.
    01/29/2018 17:02

    Had ho gyi ye police wale logo pe lathi charge kre vo tb bure na kre vo tb bure yaha na unki glti ni h yaha hm galat h log ye padamati ke piche to lg gye or jo itna kuch hora h india m uske liye kyu ni awaj uthate ho itne rape murder hore hore h tb kyu ni niklte ghr se bhar bus apni jhuti shan dikhane aa jte h

  • Bhupender S.
    01/29/2018 17:02


  • Amal S.
    01/29/2018 17:04

    Untill some grave mishap happens and innocent people are kiled, Khattar govt. will not wake up from sleep.His govt. is a irresponsible govt.