HIGHLIGHTS from PM Modi's address in London

Prime Minister Narendra Modi town hall-style event in London lasted three hours. Here are the highlights.

04/20/2018 12:00 AM
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  • Anjali N.
    04/22/2018 06:38


  • Muhammad M.
    04/22/2018 07:08

    I envy his PMship

  • شاہ ز.
    04/22/2018 07:15

    Are paaji logic lgao koi bnda roz 20 ghnta kam kr skta h kya???? Or iski baten kuch hoti h kaam kuch or hi hota h....dikh rha h hme new india kitna khubsurat h

  • Alleson B.
    04/22/2018 07:26

    Mother fuckr india

  • Alleson B.
    04/22/2018 07:31

    U all gona fuck ur ass...... U don't even know how to spell surgical strike ass holes...... Seriously Indians..... Just fuck off....... U r to busy in raping girls childes and even new born.... Shame on u modi..... U bloody murdere........ One day u all gona pay for ur sin's for sure...... Fuck of india..... Just start rape ur mother to cause she's the only one who's safe now... Oh im sorry........ Not for sure.

  • Sameer S.
    04/22/2018 07:48


  • रानी क.
    04/22/2018 09:12

    मोदीजी ने सही कहा की इट का जबाब पथर से देना चाहिए जय भारत भरत माता की जय

  • Vivek B.
    04/22/2018 09:33


  • Hemant B.
    04/22/2018 10:09

    But modi haters ismey bhe kami dhoondh lengey Modi haters like agar modi keh dey na ki save water to modi haters roj 1000 leter pani waste karengey or kahengey ki pani hai he nai to save kya karey Bimar mansikta hai yeh Get well soon all modi haters

  • Sahil S.
    04/22/2018 10:54

    Can we term this as SIT DOWN Comedy. Stand Up Comedy happens in our Parliament.

  • Chidananda N.
    04/22/2018 11:33

    did the walk the talk , Death Penalty for Child Rapist, burnol moment for modi haters who wanted the other way.. get well soon people

  • Andrewson C.
    04/22/2018 11:55

    And the Oscar for best acting goes to well you know who 😂😂😂

  • Javaid R.
    04/22/2018 12:03

    Keun phank rahe ho...Mr Mooodi

  • Laxmi P.
    04/22/2018 12:06

    Apne hi desh me tamilnadu se bhaga diye isko.

  • Amarnath R.
    04/22/2018 12:56

    Horrible incursions during Modi ji s regime from Pakistan. Nirmala Sitaraman did pranams to chinese soldiers, very shameful.

  • Daisin K.
    04/22/2018 12:59

    Hopeless uneducated pm

  • Jimmy D.
    04/22/2018 13:03

    Surgical strike kiya? You’re the PM. You dont decide strikes.

  • Nesreen L.
    04/22/2018 13:04

    All staged managed ?

  • Jimmy D.
    04/22/2018 13:20

    Funnier than The Kapil Sharm Show

  • Shourjya N.
    04/22/2018 13:31

    Hypocritical to say the least. Every one of the convicted is alive. Act first