Hindus Look After Mosque In Bihar Village

It’s the Hindus who play the azaan at this Bihar mosque every day.

08/09/2019 4:58 AM
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  • Hingaia W.
    07/05/2022 23:40

    What a joke one out of how many did the black hindu destroyed

  • Pam P.
    06/05/2022 23:05

    The media and the hindu Brothers and muslin Brothers and others who causing problem within there religion i want them to cut the hindu hand and cut the muslin hand and see what kind of blud will run it won't be Blu or green so i don't know what is the problem good bless those kids to do what theay are doing

  • Iqubal P.
    06/05/2022 17:51

    Congratulations bro

  • Sameer K.
    05/05/2022 11:44

    Thank you so much

  • Faruk B.
    04/05/2022 21:16

    Sadly everyone believes everything they see and read online

  • Rose M.
    04/05/2022 08:56

    They are not moved for searching job, they were forced to vacate by bjp government

  • Mohammed K.
    03/05/2022 15:47

    This is the face of India the world wants to see.

  • Ishita B.
    01/05/2022 18:58

    Kabhi Pakistan mai temple ki bhi baat Kar Liya karo.... n its Same Nalanda tat was famous for education n burnt by bakhtiyar khilji .....

  • Sani H.
    28/04/2022 19:34

    Mashalla we love our Hindu brothers

  • Shomsul H.
    28/04/2022 01:27

    Allah give you zaza here & after thum hindu or muslim thum tho insan ho dunia ka sob admi vuljey gi lekin allah give u reward aee ghor allah ka hey we give you dua salam

  • Sadikur R.
    25/04/2022 03:09

    Sadly BJP extremist Don't like this kind of respect for each other

  • Real R.
    24/04/2022 23:24

    Real Respect to noble humans,,, 24/7

  • Swapna A.
    24/04/2022 19:45

    A lot of dua for hindu bhai o liye

  • Mohd T.
    24/04/2022 17:34

    Very good,,All of you,, god give u gift 📦,,,

  • San J.
    24/04/2022 15:47

    This the real harmony of india...don't judge india when you see politicians and their goons

  • Herman J.
    24/04/2022 14:26

    Good spirit

  • Mak L.
    24/04/2022 11:21

    Beautiful....😢😢.,..... Alhmdlh 🤲🤲

  • Shareen H.
    23/04/2022 15:29

    Great Mashaallah

  • Naveed A.
    23/04/2022 10:45

    Good work boys

  • Shaykh H.
    23/04/2022 09:42

    Respect ✊

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