Housing Societies Discrimination

Single? No. Muslim? No. Actor? No. Housing societies are making life tough for young Indians.

03/03/2018 11:06 AM
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  • Mohamed H.
    04/04/2018 18:12


  • Mehmood K.
    04/03/2018 15:40

    apparently new law should be made all unmarried ppl should be deported to developed countries etc....den lots of things would change😅😅😅

  • Kuldeep J.
    04/03/2018 09:22

    there is a reason of why muslims or couples or dalits are not offered house on rent, look both side of the case dont just come and judge people that they are racist.

  • Preet P.
    04/03/2018 04:45

    First I don't think Muslims are denied house on rent specifically coz I being an Hindu have been denied too because I was bachelor and I was non vegetarian. So more than religion, it has got to do with eating and lifestyle habits. Some Hindus cannot bear the fact that Beef can be cooked in their house, so they play safe. One more reason why some people specially Hindus are scared to rent out their flats to Muslim, can be an experience like Batla House. Since most of the terror activities which happened between 2005-2008 had Indian Mujahideen behind that and many of the landlords had to bear brunt of police for having sleeper cells as their tenants. So this kind of experience has also left many landlords apprehensive about Muslims. Though only a fraction of Indian society. My society has more than 25 muslim families staying here so this AiB logic in general is crap...

  • Purva B.
    03/03/2018 22:56

    Hate spreaders ....overexaggerting the issue

  • Ranjeet S.
    03/03/2018 14:47

    As we will not change according to them so also they will not we can't force them

  • Swapnil J.
    03/03/2018 13:44

    No refugees allowed same logic applies here . Grouping is natural. People will try to protect personal space.

  • Harsh V.
    03/03/2018 12:01

    Trouble creaters

  • Harsh V.
    03/03/2018 12:00

    Bcoz everything has a story

  • Shahid A.
    03/03/2018 11:30

    Gafil ke ankh tb khulte hai jb band hone wali hote hai.

  • Shahid A.
    03/03/2018 11:29

    Muslim ke khud ke galti hai agar Muslim ho to Muslim ban ka reho, sirf name Muslim rakh lana sa koy Muslim nehi ban jata, Namaz kitna log perta hai, Quran kitna log perta hai. Aur phir jb Allah pak Azab musalat kerta hai phir rote ho, ara sudar kyu nehi jata. Nehi to tum logu ke Burma wali halat ho jai ghe, syria, iraq wali halat ho jai ghe.

  • Rudraksha S.
    03/03/2018 11:23

    Do Muslim's give peacefully?

  • Ibrahim S.
    03/03/2018 11:21

    👹👹 it is a fact and true that people don't give a house on rent to Muslims .... my personal experience.....

  • Sumera Q.
    05/02/2018 14:09


  • Nachiketa A.
    04/02/2018 13:48

    So wrong!

  • Majhar A.
    02/02/2018 23:52


  • Ziyaul H.
    02/02/2018 22:34

    What's mine,so advice looking g..

  • Sikendara Y.
    02/02/2018 22:30


  • Viraj K.
    02/02/2018 22:08


  • Ravi A.
    02/02/2018 21:28

    Bengaluru: 38-year old Manjunath was beheaded by his tenant Syed Altaf, 40, and his two sons aged 14 and 15 following a dispute arising from Altaf being unable to pay rent for a property rented from Manjunath. Manjunath’s severed head has been found from the property but the body is still missing. Altaf and his two sons had dumped the headless body in the Vrishabhavathi river after murdering him and cutting off the head. ANI

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