• Idris M.
    15/05/2019 13:27

    Metro city wale sirf English jhardne me reh gye bas aur kuch nahi pata unhe😂😂🇮🇳INDIA ke bare me..

  • HISIS -.
    15/05/2019 13:23

    NOTA is a waste of time. Even if NOTA gets the most votes in a constituency, the seat goes to the next highest candidate. Stay at home if you want to vote NOTA.

  • Kush G.
    15/05/2019 13:06

    ...reality dekho

  • Pratyush G.
    15/05/2019 13:01

    NOTA is nothing but a way to vent your frustration. It doesn't help in the democratic process in any way.

  • Kshitij
    15/05/2019 12:51

    Even if NOTA wins, the party which came second after NOTA will form the govt. 🤷

  • Sudheendra B.
    15/05/2019 12:33

    None Of The Above

  • Suruchika S.
    15/05/2019 12:32

    NOTA means: You vote for no one, the rest of less popular parties with less votes form an alliance..and add up votes- good enough to form a govt. So the point is whether you like it or not govt will be formed. By pressing NOTA you just enable non-deserving candidates to make policies for your everyday life. Think about it. NOTA is not your rebellion, its just a tool for a fool.

  • Aakash B.
    15/05/2019 12:32

    In my opinion If majority of vote goes to NOTA, EC should do re-polling and ask all the parties to provide better candidates, otherwise it's waste of the vote.

  • Varun S.
    15/05/2019 12:32

    Elections basically is the process of choosing, andho mein se kana raja.😅

  • Ankitt P.
    15/05/2019 12:31

    Ohh yeah......NOTA is a voter's way to say.....Fuck off all of you.

  • Swathi S.
    15/05/2019 12:29

    Tadepalli Maitreyi

  • Vivesh S.
    15/05/2019 12:20

    They only know about Mere babu ne thana thaya ki nahi

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