How Bad Is India’s Water Crisis?

Hundreds of thousands of people die every year because they don't have access to clean drinking water. So why isn't paani an election issue? 💧

05/16/2019 3:03 AM
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  • Rajratna G.
    05/16/2019 03:05

    Thanks for covering this news. Really appreciate. Apologises for diverting from this topic but I was also expecting that you would cover yesterday's Tanushree Dutta MeToo news as you posted a lot of videos and Instagram stories on MeToo. Nana Patekar got clean chit yesterday. Police should arrest Tanushree Dutta who is in the US right now, throw her behind the bars for claiming this fake accusation on a noble actor like Nana Patekar. He does a lot of charity and helps poor farmers. She deserves a strict punishment for spoiling his reputation as nowadays half of the registered rape cases turn out to be fake. She said "All 12-15 evidences have become hostile now as all are Nana's friend." Lol. It clearly means that she doesn't have faith on judiciary. Had it been the case if Nana Patekar was guilty, I would have supported Tanushree. All psedu Feminists cum Hyneas should come to the comment section and justify this. #fakecases #Rape #Metooindia #Feminism

  • Muhammad S.
    05/16/2019 03:09

    Pakistan and India share same problems. Can we act like adults and solve our problems so that we can fight against poverty.

  • Manjunath D.
    05/16/2019 03:15

    Jai jashomathi madam

  • Bijayananda M.
    05/16/2019 03:26

    Technology is available in India to convert even drain water to drinkable and it is mobile. this squatter of nation will never buy one ,only dirty politics.He can by dozen of such trucks for people of Delhi.He is a saitan .

  • Sachin C.
    05/16/2019 03:26

    Things will only become worse if we do not preserve the natural resources and act wisely. Some part of Maharashtra is under biggest threat of becoming desert in few years. Let's bring back and start working on "Connecting Rivers" across India.. Also build more tight structure in Urban area for water conversation so that water can diverted to such areas. Let's come together to solve this problem of "Water Scaracity".. Some part of India (North-East) is full of water. Let's connect them well.. Or else we need to fight with each other (between states or neighbouring country).

  • Yogi P.
    05/16/2019 03:31

    This is a very serious issue......

  • Julie F.
    05/16/2019 03:33

    This is very serious issue...but news channels are so busy with the elections news ..the main issues are not media and journalism looks like all r purchased

  • Sabyasachi D.
    05/16/2019 03:35

    One doesn't needs NITI ayog's academic report to tell us the future drinking water crisis in any State of India. It's common sense, not Rocket science. What's the solution NITI ayog gives to the central and successive state governments.? Probably nothing NITI ayog and the Central /State government are busy enjoying the power they are vests with ,and plenty of mineral water available to them ,free of cost, from tax payers money, for their consumption.

  • Alok K.
    05/16/2019 03:37

    Government jo v ho issues toh ye v hai hi na .. Even our state is also lacking in water resource management

  • Muhammad U.
    05/16/2019 03:37

    they have dushmaan daish Pakistan..!! why to worry about basic necessities of life

  • Varsha V.
    05/16/2019 03:39

    With population growing exponentially, all resources will not keep up. Ppl need to take a little more responsibility and not just blame govts. Use wisely not waste and don't have more children than resources

  • Sarshar A.
    05/16/2019 03:39

    Dalal media of bjp is busy in promoting modi not giving attention to this major issue

  • SAnket N.
    05/16/2019 03:40

    Khud ki na kamiya chupane ki liye Gov servant ko apmanit karna it's not a good thing Gov officer tell her to take the water through pipe line

  • Ramaiyengar M.
    05/16/2019 03:41

    The politicians are promising so many freebies before elections but they're not able to provide even water to the people. Where is the tax money going?

  • Sudipta C.
    05/16/2019 03:45

    Is me bhi haha reactions?? Who the hell r these buffons??? 😞

  • Ivaleen A.
    05/16/2019 03:53

    Govt duty and responsibility to give water is one side fact.When there is no water in the earth itself from where they can give? Now we have to to question ourselves ,when there was water how careful we were to save water?I saw one old man going house to house to stop water dripping water and repairing the tap .He was doing social work. Do we do that?I ask some people when you talk about water scarcity ,how many plants you have planted on this earth? If one has planted at least 5 plants God would have saved us. We have to join our hands with God planting plants.If we pray or do something to please god giving offering all will not help now.Lakes must be cleaned cutting off trees must be stopped.Many things are there on our part to do as CITIZENS of HINDUSTAN.Then God will gove us wat

  • Pranav W.
    05/16/2019 03:54

    Proud of You Yashomati Taai. you really are a good leader.. peoples leader

  • Renu S.
    05/16/2019 03:57

    Government should think about this.

  • Sud H.
    05/16/2019 03:59

    Govt should end blame game on each other , and should work 😐 .

  • Suvam D.
    05/16/2019 04:01

    Can congress can solve this problem .. I don think !