• Abhishek B.
    05/24/2019 12:32

    If you put people in jail for making memes on you... You better start expecting backlash. 😂

  • Mahipal U.
    05/24/2019 12:32

    Forget #Parsi, save Congress only 51 Left! 😂 😂 😂

  • Sumona B.
    05/24/2019 12:33

    Great walk in.....must say. From 2 to 18 is quite a feat.

  • Mahipal U.
    05/24/2019 12:34

    #Rohingya ki chinta sata rahi hai! 😂 😂 😂

  • Ishita R.
    05/24/2019 12:34

    was talking about this

  • Saheer A.
    05/24/2019 12:34

    Poda thorrapp

  • Prasaad C.
    05/24/2019 12:41

    Bengal tigers also laughing on Congress & saying we are in more numbers 🐯🐯

  • Jhoni S.
    05/24/2019 12:42

    One of the best moment of yesterday event.🤘🙏

  • Vikas P.
    05/24/2019 12:43

    Mamata Banerjee is disgusting fuckin bitch who suck muslim dicks.

  • Diptarup
    05/24/2019 12:43

    Satadru Kar

  • Tridib P.
    05/24/2019 12:47

    Expected gain ... idiots...!!! It's been many years that the People of Bengal were looking for a Savior , who can save them from this tyranny, and then BJP emerges as the one. This mad, illiterate, ill-behaved, unpolished, brute, hyprocrite woman just made the whole atmosphere of Bengal so saffocated that it was getting quite difficult for us to breathe. That's why BJP is now here in Bengal. Enough of her bullshits... Police are just mere doll in her hands , media is her foot licking dogs.... Education , Justice , Fundamental & constitutional rights are just some mere phrase for her. Now the time has come....We will dethrone her... Drag her down to the streets and then the public will have their much waited avenge. You bloody sluty bitch.

  • Sarthak G.
    05/24/2019 12:51

    tu to khera tha zyada se zyada 10 seat mil paengi bsss..😂 never underestimate mota bhai..😂

  • Snehashish H.
    05/24/2019 12:54

    Its best of two worst ... because people here know that voting NOTA is to waste the votes :D

  • Yougander R.
    05/24/2019 12:55

    Well done supporters from West Bengal :-) 22-18 is a good enough fight.bjp can try to form the govt in Bengal .

  • Anil J.
    05/24/2019 12:59

    Downfall of mughal empire

  • Dhiraj S.
    05/24/2019 12:59

    Darr ka mahol hai

  • Ankur R.
    05/24/2019 13:04

    2.30 theke

  • Vikram V.
    05/24/2019 13:11

    Want Rahul back on this page

  • Kallappa G.
    05/24/2019 13:14

    In next election this goon lady is going to lost her empire. I wish Modi ji to win next election with more seats than her.

  • Amit D.
    05/24/2019 13:21

    I am enjoying Brut's Video after election results...😂