How Indian Are You? Shashi Tharoor Breaks It Down

Nationalism or Patriotism? Hindutva or Hinduism? Tharoor talks to Brut about the ideas of Indianness and Indian nationhood. 🇮🇳

22/12/2020 4:24 PMupdated: 22/12/2020 4:25 PM
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  • Nitin C.
    7 days

    no need to us your Gyaan

  • Prerna S.
    16/01/2021 18:00

    Abe bhsd ke tu kya book likh raha,ladkiyon ke sath timepass kar ,you r good at it don't teach patriotism after supporting all antinational

  • Marin R.
    07/01/2021 11:04

    Wise observation 🙏

  • Venkataraman S.
    06/01/2021 11:45

    Wow great patriotism of bjp rss same like congress people sidelined capitalist gets help they spend to there corporate even opposition even rich moulvi bishops but not to poor people

  • Brut India
    04/01/2021 15:44

    The anti-nationalism approach may not be working this time:

  • Namavinay N.
    04/01/2021 14:40

    You might be intelligent intelectual but your intentions are not right

  • Rajiv S.
    29/12/2020 17:33

    you are a terrorist disguised as an indian. Clearly shows from your profile. Idiots like you are ones pulling india back

  • Drgopimohan G.
    29/12/2020 13:36

    The thali h is hindutva which holds all bowls.

  • Drgopimohan G.
    29/12/2020 13:35

    I think shashi Tharoor is misleading concept of hindutva.Never it is imposed on others.They themselves never say to follow their beliefs.Thae soul of bharatvansh is Hindutava.

  • Rahul K.
    28/12/2020 20:20

    He has mastered virtue signaling. And the man who calls shiv as 'shiva' is putting forth Ideas of Hinduism. Thats the irony. How beautifully he has guised "communalism" into "local patriotism"

  • Priyanka S.
    26/12/2020 19:53

    Wow... this comment box is filled with hatred.. I agree with tharoor...He may or may not be a good politician,but what he said have sense.

  • Ramesh I.
    26/12/2020 17:07

    To bhai congressi, tune Pakistan kyo banaya aur Kashmir ko alag status kyo dilaya? When you yourself believe all citizens are equal.

  • Shekhar L.
    26/12/2020 09:25

    He is a British hindu.. 😎😎

  • Himanshu S.
    26/12/2020 07:05

    Dr. Shashi Tharoor is great person

  • Maher W.
    25/12/2020 20:29

    He's a legend but the sad part that bhkts can't understand what he mean to say 😞

  • Narendra N.
    25/12/2020 19:06

    Just to score some brownie points from pesedo secular gandga nd left people ypu will talk shit right who are you to talk shit about hindutva chutiya Congressi don't have any right to talk about hindutva they divided India once with thier appsement

  • Narendra N.
    25/12/2020 19:03

    Chutiya Congressi

  • Babuji D.
    25/12/2020 14:24


  • Purushotam K.
    25/12/2020 12:36

    How u give salary to maulavi justifying how

  • Purushotam K.
    25/12/2020 12:35

    But Muslims are first to enjoy resources of India as per MMS

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