How Sanjiv Bhatt’s Wife Is Fighting For His Release

She’s running from pillar to post to save her husband from a life in prison. And she blames a powerful political force for it.

11/07/2019 12:52 PM
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  • Mohan P.
    29/04/2021 12:31

    Where is Mr Bhatt?

  • G B.
    31/03/2021 13:33

    I always pray 💐to" Allah" Almighty Rabb ul aalmeem , Rabb Ul zzat, for the relese of innocent victim of the corrupt system. 👑🏅Honorable🏅🙇 ⚖⚔🇮🇳 IPS shree sanjeev bhatt ji🇮🇳⚖⚔.. 💐🙏👉and Request other resources ful people to do your best to for the release of this great honest man. Remember guys. justice delayed !! Is Justice denied!! It's been many years ips sahab is in prison for no reason. Let's fight hard for his release from grips of currupt system.heartly 👉🛐🙏🤲prayers for his family they all r truly courageous and patient may God bless all who are working in favour of honorable IPS shree sajiv bhatt ji🙏👉👑🙇💐⚖⚔👑Jai hind👑⚖⚔

  • Sufiyan P.
    26/08/2019 01:31

    For the people here, lecturing about karma and such shit, tell the same thing to your masters, to the MLAs who commited rape, to the killers of Pehlu Khan, to the Bulandshar killers, to the many politicians whose hate speeches killed thousands all over India. When you have balls to do that, come here! Till then take your skewed sense of morality to the right pages. No one asked you to like the page in the first place!

  • Firdous K.
    13/08/2019 13:56

    Modi hai tou mumkin hai

  • Françoise M.
    12/08/2019 07:18

    To be TOO honestly when you work in army or police ..... yes ITS A CRIME 😂😂😂🤣😂

  • Atiba R.
    11/08/2019 20:14

    This is not new India, sad reality

  • Naresh S.
    11/08/2019 15:15

    जब कन्नग्रेस के साथ मिलकर कंसिप्रेसी कर रहे थे तब तो बहुत खुश हो रहे थे ,ऊपर वाले के यहां देर है अंधेर नहीं।

  • Jaydeep P.
    11/08/2019 12:59

    jarur jutice milaga bhatt shab.

  • Rajeev M.
    10/08/2019 16:57

    He is not so inoccent as depicted.

  • Shree N.
    10/08/2019 02:57

    Jaise karni, waise bharni

  • Sandhya N.
    10/08/2019 02:51

    Brut india she is saying everything which helps her to release her husband from prison and she is saying there were 300 witnesses but only 20 or 29 are being called to prove the crime only one evidence is enough but 29 people have given there statment and moreover this is the case of 1990 so the witnesses might have died moved and what not your husband might have shut their mouths for court statements, And you were asking they are not allowing you to be the deffence witness as no husband or wife or any blood relation is allowed to be the defence witness and moreover i ask you that are you there at the time when this happened madam ji aap apne pati ke soch rahe ho par uska parivar ka kya jo jail me mara gaya. Aap ye social media me jo faltu ke allegations kar rahe ho aap court main kyu nahi karti. Aur rahi baat yeh brut india ka isko namo Tv pe shaq hai unke rally's me problem hai sab kuch grow up n stop spreading hatred this is not gonna happen....

  • Iftekhar S.
    10/08/2019 02:21

    Khud pe parta hai to samajh me aata hai...

  • Khaliqul A.
    09/08/2019 10:51

    आसमानों से फरिश्ते जो उतारे जाएं, वह भी इस दौर में सच बोलें तो मारे जाएं

  • Nilofar P.
    09/08/2019 03:24

    Shame on modi

  • Neeraj S.
    09/08/2019 02:25

    Sponsored likh ke aa rha hai vedio pr lets do report on this

  • Shikhar G.
    08/08/2019 14:43

    A corrupt, murderous regime is always afraid of upright officers! That is why corrupt officers are promoted and honest ones are jailed in false cases!

  • Behlol P.
    08/08/2019 09:18


  • Saba A.
    08/08/2019 08:08

    Rapist ko Tohfa aur imandar officer ko life imprisonment wah try sarkar we miss English ruler

  • Wasim A.
    08/08/2019 07:00

    Har desh bhagt jail main hoga

  • Raunak S.
    08/08/2019 06:55

    I never knew until now that this type of posts are also "sponsored".

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