How This Village Went In Search Of Water

In the sweltering summer, this village's only handpump ran dry. What they did next was incredible. 🤯

12/06/2021 1:27 PM
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  • Hema R.
    16/06/2021 11:08

    It is a sad commentary of the state of affairs in the said village.Not getting water which is the life source is pathetic.The authorities should take immediate action to solve their problem.

  • Elena E.
    16/06/2021 03:53

    Why can't they fix the pump? 😅 Aha! Modiji's fault again?

  • Sudin S.
    15/06/2021 13:49

    Temple , gods, caste nationalism, all there developement NONE

  • Malika J.
    15/06/2021 11:50

    This is women power.The true women era.

  • Deep S.
    15/06/2021 04:02

    Government is prioritizing projects like central vista rather than these types of public issues

  • Deep S.
    15/06/2021 03:59

    Aatmanirbhar India

  • Nagender B.
    15/06/2021 01:30

    Please share this till it reaches to PM and CM friends.🙏😳

  • Nadia R.
    14/06/2021 18:56

    Incredible women 👏🙏💕

  • Umair J.
    14/06/2021 17:57

    bahi 💁🏻‍♂️ they have to climb too 🙇‍♂️

  • Vinay K.
    14/06/2021 15:47


  • Mahamed A.
    14/06/2021 14:53

    The water look likes unclean.

  • Sarvendra K.
    14/06/2021 13:37

    ye village M.P k ultratech cement plant vuktam cement k pass h ya company k kai tanker water supply karate h, waha rular development kaffi kam ho rah fhir ye vedio ??

  • Khalid S.
    14/06/2021 08:50

    In what way was this incredible? This happens all over India , and the world, regularly. India has both a space and a nuclear program. Rethink priorities?

  • Syed I.
    14/06/2021 08:11

    Will bring acche din with Central Vista Project. Solution: by that time all these people will be dead

  • Augustine M.
    14/06/2021 04:54

    What are the cm of that state are doing

  • Sambun S.
    14/06/2021 00:20

    Modi govt😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Supriya N.
    14/06/2021 00:13

    Where the hell r the so called masculine men of this village....what a shame ..young girls doing this instead of the village men .

  • Naaz A.
    13/06/2021 19:06

    Heart touching 💜💜

  • Jr P.
    13/06/2021 18:19

    Incredible india.... Digital India.... ,,

  • Zainab B.
    13/06/2021 17:45

    Shame on govt

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