• Safia Y.
    05/06/2020 03:01

    Sad Aff

  • Damion T.
    27/05/2020 23:56

    Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Acts 2:38

  • Kash K.
    18/05/2020 07:15

    Modi is a shemale

  • Lelia H.
    17/05/2020 14:45

    Cooperate and pray we all will get through the lock down

  • Lelia H.
    17/05/2020 14:44

    Its life ,they are doing their best to save life

  • Ana B.
    14/05/2020 21:53

    Better than the ones in the United States.

  • John H.
    11/05/2020 14:18

    Same in chennai also..

  • Nagendra K.
    11/05/2020 08:36

    You Idiots, think with positive side. May of those Labours were homeless and were sleeping on the roads (That's sad actually). Now that they are getting meals and medical treatments and of course a shelter for sleep. Covid19 has changed everything it also brought good to some people. Change Your way of thinking.

  • Ibrahim A.
    06/05/2020 01:57


  • Saswat J.
    05/05/2020 14:52

    Why this fucking page captioned it as imprisonment..govt.is trying its best to protect the citizens and result is while US is dealing with 70k deaths , we have very less number..for misrepresentation of facts this page must be reported to authorities..

  • Naveen K.
    05/05/2020 01:28

    This channel should mind it's words while posting. Imprisoned is not the word to be used. Use the same word in China if you have guts. It's a situation faced by the whole world and India has been praised by whole world for it's proactive measures taken to battle this virus. Looking at the video the beds, food, etc and the treat me the to the people doesn't look like the way prisoners are treated. Brut India should mind it's words while reporting. And people should realise its a invisible enemy we are fighting. And have to cooperate with the government efforts. If not now when are we standing has a nation. It's now not just for India Pakistan cricket matches. Which the cricket boards make money in the name of these matches.

  • Sreeshankar K.
    04/05/2020 08:25

    Wtf, providing them with shelter, food and entertainment is imprisonment 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ why the hell are you spewing so much hatred you piece of shit.

  • Jitendra K.
    03/05/2020 09:29

    Good idea by Delhi government don't know give up guys Long way togo

  • Maria Y.
    02/05/2020 12:40

    If they have such a huge place to shelter the poor people .....then why don't they try it in casual life

  • Meing-mah S.
    02/05/2020 01:20

    What kind of channel is this? Is there no way to ban this channel? Imprisonment? Stop polluting the minds with your dirty tricks.

  • Naveen K.
    01/05/2020 08:50

    chale bhai sham ko yamuna sports complex aaja dikha kr lata huhahahahahahahahah

  • Gill M.
    30/04/2020 20:15

    Bc if someone provide shelter ,then u have problem,if they don't do ,then u have problem.bc apnai ghar mai rakh lai fer

  • Jitendra M.
    30/04/2020 14:51

    Hypocrasiy of Brut.......

  • Shreeyansh B.
    29/04/2020 13:35

    Very good work I salute the person who brought this idea to secure labourer homeless poor people

  • VIshal K.
    28/04/2020 17:59

    kejriwal has proved to be an utter failure