In Search Of A Dream Job Amid A Pandemic

This Bengaluru girl thought her work was getting more boring than she could handle. But a full out pandemic was raging across the world, slashing jobs everywhere. Yet she quit, and found something she'd always dreamed of...

04/09/2020 12:15 PM
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  • Bikas K.
    10/09/2020 16:52

    So contact with me and solve.

  • Prathap C.
    10/09/2020 14:26

    Something wrong, brut

  • Jojo K.
    10/09/2020 13:29

    Wasted 2 mins

  • Naved A.
    10/09/2020 12:44

    Did I just watch a GREAT LEARNING Ad?

  • Ramesh S.
    10/09/2020 11:43

    This happens only in india and brut proved it

  • Mansi M.
    10/09/2020 11:32

    This video inspired me a lot. I also want to become a data scientist but I am already doing different job. I was having the same fears.

  • Palak R.
    10/09/2020 11:14

    She left her organization during pandemic which means after Feb, she got a job after 1 year of the Great Learning course?? And now it's September, 6-7 mnths f pandemic 🤦 Is it possible 🙄🙄🙄 or M I using my mind in the wrong direction

  • Avinash R.
    10/09/2020 10:10

    so you found a sponsor BRUT

  • Anil K.
    10/09/2020 08:54

    So basically she quit her job in an MNC, wasted an year in the name of learning and came back to work for a start up!! Hmmmm :)

  • Vivek V.
    10/09/2020 08:39

    Kardi bc advertisement

  • Vikramjeet S.
    10/09/2020 08:36

    Somthing is wrong doing in this vedio that i have seen every time she was not speaking only doing ratta fication through her eye contact.

  • Ritesh S.
    10/09/2020 05:59

    .... This is next level advertisement.. Great lake is really good at business analytics

  • Deepthi V.
    10/09/2020 05:30

    I also joined appliedai left my job nobody is making a video on me 🙄

  • Comrade N.
    10/09/2020 05:02

    This is what happens when media’s sell out they ethics, patriotic responsibility for money. Shame on you Brut India. We have subscribed ur channels because of your quality videos. Not to waste our time watching ads . Don’t sell out ur values !

  • Raja
    10/09/2020 04:47


  • Tijo T.
    10/09/2020 03:16

    Wow wow irngypodey

  • Shah A.
    10/09/2020 02:06

    biutful ho

  • Shhivani B.
    09/09/2020 17:55

    After one year of completing the course she landed up on she placed in August ...1 year ago she left job.. don't you think misleading content

  • Åbduł Ŕ.
    09/09/2020 16:27

    Is this a endorsement video?!

  • Greema J.
    09/09/2020 16:20

    Seriously?????? She was BA now she become what? I wasted 5 minutes of my life

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