• Swastik M.
    26/06/2019 13:24

    https://youtu.be/j2QiH8ey75w watch this. He used dairy products on this useless agarbatti using dairy products, and indirectly supported cow abuse. Brain less people.

  • Ajay D.
    25/06/2019 07:31

    गाय का घी गोबर जलाने से आस पास का वातावरण स्वच्छ हो जाएगा ।। प्रदुषण से कुछ राहत मिलेगी

  • Cvakumar P.
    24/06/2019 17:52

    Save beef serve beef biriyani

  • Apoorva S.
    24/06/2019 13:46

    Instead of day he could have donated that money for child education

  • Man R.
    24/06/2019 02:28

    Sadka te ghumdia baki mata huna nu saam lai pehla fer baki saam layi sala agarbatti da

  • Rahamathulla A.
    23/06/2019 08:45

    Chootya bhadwa

  • Fiaz A.
    22/06/2019 04:47

    Salay ko gai ka bacha batow

  • Hriata C.
    21/06/2019 15:52

    National mother!! h... cow

  • محمد ی.
    17/06/2019 06:22

    People are hungry in India. And India's educated people are wasting the ration here. Man is dying from hunger and he is pleasing to God

  • Sheetal S.
    11/06/2019 19:43

    He is highlighting a great cause

  • Pinaki G.
    11/06/2019 19:38

    This is nothing but bogus

  • Brut India
    11/06/2019 14:00

    What else can cow dung be used for? Building houses, believe it or not:

  • Tirtharaj C.
    11/06/2019 02:24

    People around the world do stupid things to create a record this is better than that....

  • Sheikh S.
    10/06/2019 16:58

    Haaan national maa ban gayi wo, ab le jao un Sab ko apne sath jo Yaha sadko pr ghumti hai, Jinka Khayal rakhne wala b koi nahi

  • Dipak M.
    10/06/2019 09:45

    It isn't incense stick its insane stick 😂

  • Tom M.
    10/06/2019 06:51

    Bet the end with with stick doesnt fit the holder

  • Minaaz S.
    09/06/2019 14:35

    11 lacs for agarbatti he could hav done much btr to protect cows thn burning his 11 lacs

  • Nakap K.
    09/06/2019 13:57

    Beef is famous source of meat all over the World don make these an issue again2

  • Nakap K.
    09/06/2019 13:56

    I really appreciate it lov for cow but u can't tell other to follow you

  • Bvsdigitals I.
    09/06/2019 10:10

    Patanjali agarbatti

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