• Asif M.
    01/01/2018 03:14

    Been there its different

  • Michelle L.
    01/01/2018 03:20

    We can all learn from this video, working to help nature do what is does best.. to keep us all healthy. Thank you for sharing😇

  • Somak M.
    01/01/2018 03:26

    I went there about 2 years back, it's a wonderful place

  • Anukul A.
    01/01/2018 03:30

    North East indians are very sweet no doubt

  • Sandipan M.
    01/01/2018 03:36

    bhai ei jo ei village tai bl6lm.

  • Erik L.
    01/01/2018 03:38

    Hey Admin. It’s not only India’s cleanest village, it’s Asia’s cleanest village!

  • Sonali P.
    01/01/2018 03:51

    Pity we Indians in spite of seeing such Examples never learn any Civic Habits but go our merry way littering and dirtying our surroundings as if it's nobody's Business.

  • Adnan S.
    01/01/2018 03:51

    kuch yaad aya 😇

  • Ashwini J.
    01/01/2018 03:59

    what a video to start new year with! #FutureOfIndia

  • Preemly B.
    01/01/2018 03:59


  • Uma K.
    01/01/2018 04:04

    and next tine yeh pakka dekhne chalege and cherapunji

  • Sneha H.
    01/01/2018 04:06

    ye dekh zara

  • Sachin K.
    01/01/2018 04:18

    Is this the village u were telling about?

  • Saswati H.
    01/01/2018 04:33

    I was there 3-4 times and its seriously clean like anything... The drains are even clean all the time.... The road where we walked into the woods was clean too.... Everyone should visit that place at least once in his/her lifetime...

  • Srinivas K.
    01/01/2018 05:05

    Not anymore. Now stupid indians will go there more often and wont let it be clean Some things must be left undisturbed

  • Sachin P.
    01/01/2018 05:14

    Ankush M

  • Mainak M.
    01/01/2018 05:16

    Been there, beautiful place.

  • Tomer N.
    01/01/2018 05:19

    Its beautiful i hv been there

  • Shantanu T.
    01/01/2018 05:28

    yaha chale ja

  • Disha S.
    01/01/2018 05:32

    Been here. It is a piece of heaven on earth