India's Covid Numbers Vs Election Rallies: A Timeline

As Indians battled the second wave of Covid-19, their biggest leaders addressed election rallies with no masks and zero social-distancing.

28/04/2021 1:26 PMupdated: 28/04/2021 1:28 PM
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  • Jaswant S.
    03/01/2022 00:24

    Muda cock croch of 2022. No use to soceity. Not fit for chowekidarinor fit for making tea. Many sr citizen make their own bed tea. He is always busy in photo session and BoB. Mill kur larna hai.

  • Nana M.
    02/01/2022 20:30

    गंगा में तैरती लाशें इन हरामियों को दिखाई नहीं दी । ये सत्ता के भुखे भेडिये खूनी हैं ।

  • Kawaljit S.
    02/01/2022 15:34

    Fake Potician who took away lives of Innocents for their vested interests 🙏🙏

  • Jaswant S.
    01/01/2022 04:42

    Thug Tapasvi of gujarat .gaya gaya gaya. Koi kam nahi.2021 dec mein laga raha hai tubiaa. Bob bob. Mandar bananna hai.

  • Ashiqur R.
    01/01/2022 04:03

    Because we handover our nation to a chowkidaar 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Martin G.
    31/12/2021 14:21

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  • Ria S.
    31/12/2021 11:13

    The Covid management has been really poor by the ruling party. Things could have been a lot better.

  • Preeti V.
    31/12/2021 10:21


  • Viral T.
    31/12/2021 08:42

    No one can troll Modi better than himself.. 👌

  • Rafikul I.
    31/12/2021 08:42

    ভাৰত তলত

  • Sandeep T.
    31/12/2021 07:36

    whole team bastard brut

  • Billy P.
    31/12/2021 07:35

    Full.of shit

  • Spm F.
    31/12/2021 07:06

    Bcoz he is not a human

  • Arqam N.
    31/12/2021 07:00

    idiot h ye

  • Devbrat S.
    22/10/2021 18:37

    India will never forget these terrifying scenes. We will never forget how the government failed to warn us about the requirement of oxygen. How they failed to supply oxygen and people lost lives because of this. How the oxygen cylinders were sold on the black market in unimaginable prices and the government couldn't so anything about it. We will never forget how Remdesivir was sold in the black market and it was out of the governments control. We will never forget how bodies were lined up on footpaths and ambulances outside hospitals when the Healthcare system failed miserably and the health secretary kept saying in the press conference everyday that everything is under control. We will never forget, the role of Godi Media in hiding the facts and figures and never bothered about showing the reality. We will never forget that the leader of the nation couldn't even spare a few minutes to do an open press conference and acknowledge the death of fellow citizens because of the failure of system which he claims to be well oiled. India will never forget that during those two months everyone lost atleast one person in their life because of the mis-management. While the arrival of the second wave was inevitable, the leader of the nation and his party did open rallies in west bengal, along with other political parties as well by flaunting covid protocols, they themselves didnt even bothered to wear a mask because the supreme leader had grown a beard similar to RN Tagore to woo people of Bengal to vote for him. For the vested interest, the government let the Kumbh Mela go on and contributed to the spread of the virus during this time. Can something be more shameful than this. Bodies were thrown into river Ganga and many other places. Crematoriums were running on full capacity 24 hours and had to turn the parking lots into cremation ground to burn the bodies. Instead of acknowledging the blunders the government did, they started fighting with the state governments and then started the blame games. We loved someone, trusted him in 2014 to bring changes for us in India and to get rid of corrupted INC. But in return all he has ever given to us is hatredness, violence and lies. Like Dr. Kumar Vishwas says, yeh satta ki ladhai anpadho aur kupadho ke beech ki hai. Last year we were declared as Partly Democratic, and soon we will be Hardly Democratic.

  • Sukhwinder S.
    16/05/2021 11:26


  • Hilda L.
    09/05/2021 07:44

    I wonder if they and their have contracted covid? Beast management

  • Dk R.
    08/05/2021 06:51

    Very true for their personal benefit, they all ruined the country..

  • Nithin N.
    06/05/2021 14:53

    Bqstards. Just a reason to target Modi

  • Sourav M.
    06/05/2021 14:24


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