India's Covid Numbers Vs Election Rallies: A Timeline

As Indians battled the second wave of Covid-19, their biggest leaders addressed election rallies with no masks and zero social-distancing.

28/04/2021 1:26 PMupdated: 28/04/2021 1:28 PM
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  • Sukhwinder S.
    16/05/2021 11:26


  • Hilda L.
    09/05/2021 07:44

    I wonder if they and their have contracted covid? Beast management

  • Dk R.
    08/05/2021 06:51

    Very true for their personal benefit, they all ruined the country..

  • Nithin N.
    06/05/2021 14:53

    Bqstards. Just a reason to target Modi

  • Sourav M.
    06/05/2021 14:24


  • ប៉ាភក្ដី ប.
    05/05/2021 11:08


  • Ansar K.
    05/05/2021 07:33

    The greedy politicians are not bothered even when the corpses count is piling up. All they want is public money when they come to power.

  • Anand R.
    05/05/2021 07:09

    Blady group

  • Anand R.
    05/05/2021 07:09

    BJP government supporting the online frauds making money in wrong way chiting many people every day

  • ভবেন ব.
    05/05/2021 04:17

    he should be booked and punish for murdering mass people. Worst PM ever.

  • সোহেল ক.
    05/05/2021 03:52

    ভোট সব শেষ করে দিলো..😪😪😪😪

  • Elias P.
    05/05/2021 00:08

    Definitely mismanagement of the highest order ... all for what .. to show it’s all ok .. it will all go away

  • Yaya M.
    04/05/2021 22:01

    No problems 1.3 bil people's still at large

  • Nathan L.
    04/05/2021 20:51

    The VVIPs got vaccinated on top priority and have the best health care facilities at their disposal. Due to this they do not care conducting election rallies as long as they come to power at the cost of others. It is we the AAM people who are fools following them. I bet many of the people who had attended the rallies are by now covid patients or have lost their loved ones due to covid.

  • Tatteea P.
    04/05/2021 20:21


  • Manas B.
    04/05/2021 16:38

    এটা তো দাদার দেখালেন আরে দিদি টাও দেখা ও দিদি র জন সুমদ্রের টা

  • Snaa I.
    04/05/2021 13:57

    Well done Modi great job instead of controlling the virus you have spreaded it 😲

  • John P.
    04/05/2021 13:54

    You fools.,,,,believin in fools politician,.,,,now you pay the price,,,,,,,dont infect other contries bcos of your neglidience....

  • Pradeep K.
    04/05/2021 12:40

    Covid Super spreaders.. Indian Virus...

  • Sarika D.
    04/05/2021 11:37

    Biggest Disaster where health infrastructure is totally collapsed, and thousands of faultless are suffering