India’s Tawaif Freedom Fighters

Before they were branded as sex workers and forced into wilderness, India’s courtesans were a big part of the local culture. They even helped India fight against colonial tyranny.

07/21/2019 2:57 PM
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  • Indu M.
    07/21/2019 03:17


  • Lakshmi B.
    07/21/2019 03:30

    the brut and cold british people ruined the nation from the core. They shook the culture and made everything to become its opposite. It is so sad that they succeeded.

  • Shakir K.
    07/21/2019 04:04

    They still do it certainly and most likely now as being called (BOLLYWOOD)

  • Subrata K.
    07/21/2019 04:08

    And Gandhi gives us independence

  • Nataraj B.
    07/21/2019 04:46

    Something sounds like Indian politics Which is still surviving !!!

  • Ravi B.
    07/21/2019 04:54

    Now , this tradition has been renamed as Bollywood ... 😂😂😂😂

  • Devanshu S.
    07/21/2019 04:54

    Invaders did never understand our Culture and things and corrupted it with their own shitty interpretations and purpose to rule . So called moderns were actually backward in many spheres ..

  • Abhiram S.
    07/21/2019 05:02

    sad truth

  • Nirmala S.
    07/21/2019 05:47


  • Cathrine J.
    07/21/2019 06:00

    you wanted to go back in time?

  • Vandana A.
    07/21/2019 06:00

    save d video smwhere

  • Prabal B.
    07/21/2019 06:03

    thanks to british else till now the rich would have been sending their sons to tawaifs instead of colleges.

  • VS M.
    07/21/2019 06:17

    Uncivilized British destroyed all the rich cultures of India.

  • Mounika M.
    07/21/2019 06:51

    I till now only hear abt this type of grp in Japanese culture. It's very interesting that I got to know that they are in Japanese culture 1st than to know it's there in India too.

  • Damu D.
    07/21/2019 06:59

    This is ugliest face of caste system.

  • Mohamed A.
    07/21/2019 07:03

    Now a days, this tradition has been renamed and it's known Bollywood ...

  • Sharmi S.
    07/21/2019 07:16

    We had have a weak personality,we let others dominate us for years and now we blame them,cry babies

  • Richa D.
    07/21/2019 07:54

    So basically from the hypocrisy of the Britishers and their shameful ways of the time. How very surprising.

  • Archana Y.
    07/21/2019 08:12

    Nice wording for them A few joust . Think of them as part of history Gud research

  • Shahul H.
    07/21/2019 08:32

    A part of Indian history! Very soon we'll have the 'historians' in present Indian government hiding these facts and rewriting history!