India's Women Politicians Silenced Online By Abuse

"Jihadi." "B****." "You need a g***b***." Amnesty International India looks into the horrific abuse Indian women politicians face online by people who disagree with their politics. 😠😠

15/02/2020 10:57 AM
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  • Prithwish D.
    01/03/2020 19:43

    Amnesty International 😂😂tell more jokes 😁

  • Sunil K.
    18/02/2020 18:58

  • Vibhakar S.
    18/02/2020 18:14

    Brut what will u say about turkey

  • Mgtow M.
    17/02/2020 09:32

    This trolling problem is not specifically only with women. Everyone (men also) in everyday life gets depends on how u take all those shits...crying and saying oh we get troll for gender is not a solution btw

  • Akash C.
    17/02/2020 08:36

    see one more terrible things happened in INDIA

  • Naveen
    17/02/2020 08:07

    Troll is a coward's tool

  • Brut India
    17/02/2020 06:22

    From being trolled on social media to facing sexism at work, here are the times women politicians struck back:

  • Brut India
    17/02/2020 06:22

    From being trolled on social media to facing sexism at work, here are the times women politicians struck back:

  • Ajay S.
    16/02/2020 19:14


  • शि व.
    16/02/2020 15:40

    This all is because we have very large illiterate and insensible population 😔

  • WaSim A.
    16/02/2020 12:23

    Brut one thing you missed in it. You must disclose the caste of abusive language social media profile.

  • Shreyas A.
    16/02/2020 07:43

    Amnesty Internarional is a joke. Its the same platform that made Naseeruddin say he felt unsafe for his kids in this country

  • Joseph A.
    16/02/2020 04:38

    The saddest thing is such hateful, misogynistic rants have become a normal in India, and people have started taking indecent behavior for granted.

  • Saurabh S.
    16/02/2020 03:08

    Amnesty, then it must be anti India, Anti hindu, Anti BJP, Muslim names are identifiable but how come people identify caste on a twitter account?

  • Tarsem S.
    16/02/2020 01:45


  • Amir M.
    15/02/2020 21:42

    Wat u expecting wen Majority are living below poverty line

  • Hameed A.
    15/02/2020 20:03

    Every single one of them would have come from bjayp goons only

  • Ahsan A.
    15/02/2020 19:53

    I am from Pakistan. I am observing certain social media irregularities not only in india, but in Pakistan also. idk why legitimate authorities are not coming forward to regulate all these heat ups?

  • Áyan R.
    15/02/2020 18:00

    Amnesty International suspended Gita Sahgal, its gender unit head, after she criticized Amnesty in February 2010 for its high-profile associations with Moazzam Begg, the director of Cageprisoners, representing men in extra judicial detention. "To be appearing on platforms with Britain's most famous supporter of the Taliban, Begg, whom we treat as a human rights defender, is a gross error of judgment," she said. Sahgal argued that by associating with Begg and Cageprisoners, Amnesty was risking its reputation on human rights. "As a former Guantanamo detainee, it was legitimate to hear his experiences, but as a supporter of the Taliban it was absolutely wrong to legitimise him as a partner," Sahgal said. She said she repeatedly brought the matter up with Amnesty for two years, to no avail. A few hours after the article was published, Sahgal was suspended from her position. ऊंचा दूकान फीका पकवान. 🤣

  • Priyadarshan S.
    15/02/2020 17:30

    All these women - leftists, fake liberals, fake feminists, who won’t raise voice against burqa, supporting break India forces supported by breaking India media like Brut India