India Vs. Pakistan At The UN

India launched a stinging counterattack after Imran Khan’s visceral speech at the UN General Assembly.

09/20/2019 3:29 PMupdated: 09/30/2019 3:34 PM
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  • Dr-Hafiz R.
    4 days

    Totally biased from Indian side .... Ask yourself Indians ..... Isn't really happening what imran khan said

  • Seles J.
    4 days

    When will I see India and Pakistan in harmony please don’t create more problems respected prime ministers , the damage is already done show some maturity instead of blaming each other solve the problems together ,with great power comes great responsibility show some humanity towards each other no is one taking anything away when we all die Pakistan India and Bangladesh are sons from same mother fighting for personal interests the lord mount battens soul would be happy seeing all the mess he created by dividing a nation that had to be the best in the world if not divided

  • Umair Z.
    6 days

    She tried to become more sharp. It is 21st century so believe on freedom. Why not give the freedom to Kashmeri People. How disgraceful is that they don't want to become part of india and you forcefully make it that. Don't read from paper think in your mind. Imran khan is peaceful person.

  • Shamil M.
    6 days

    V proud of you Imran Khan zindabad

  • Joseph J.
    02/19/2020 10:11

    better than Indian mindset which is ancient aliens mindset. Medivial is much better.

  • Habibullah M.
    02/19/2020 07:28

    Is he not right ?

  • Radha R.
    02/19/2020 04:30

    Why are u calling back to the Pakistan Mr khan

  • Faheem Q.
    02/19/2020 00:59

    modi loser should face imran khan instead of hiding behind this poor lady (who is fighting to rescue her job)

  • Haroon R.
    02/18/2020 17:18

    😆😆😆. In 1947 yes there were 23% minorities but of that around 22% were in east pakistan and when bangladesh came into existence automatically our minority rate goes down to 1%. Shame on her

  • MI'an Q.
    02/18/2020 16:37

    da page yadom

  • Mehrab H.
    02/18/2020 04:33

    Two great countries doing great job for the millions of poor ppl of their countries, an example for the rest of world.

  • Rajinder I.
    02/17/2020 21:26

    Last line was awesome

  • Muhammad S.
    02/17/2020 13:33

    IMRAN KHAN has played well on the front while India is now trying to repair its damaged face

  • Muhammad S.
    02/17/2020 13:32

    Today Imran khan has demonized the whole indians which Indians were trying by fake terrorists attacks to the rest of the world Today, India has became sideline

  • Fahim N.
    02/16/2020 19:41


  • Rita T.
    02/16/2020 13:47

    This women is horrible.

  • Rita T.
    02/16/2020 13:47

    PM me layak nahi ho aap

  • Asad I.
    02/15/2020 23:39

    Nice try lady... yes what an amazing attempt of development by imposing 900k troops in valley and cutting the means of communication and imposing curfew on 8 million people. Yes pogrom is not today’s phenomena but there is a new word for pogrom today that is “RSS”. Pogrom, racial superiority and bloodbath are the facts of today’s india and the cruel facts that made Indians to march on roads against citizenship and NRC. Yes Narendra Modi is a statesman whose entire election campaign consists on hatred and racial superiority and the leader who is warning against this is showing brinkmanship. Yes what happened in gujrat against muslims was not a pogrom but an attempt of development in india. Imran khan undoubtedly kicked you out without a script and the lady just saved her job reading the ridiculous paragraphs but didn’t answered the questions against RSS and human rights violations in jk and someone please tell this illiterate lady that pashtun is not a religion and shias are not minority.

  • Tariq A.
    02/15/2020 07:09

    The video ignores kashmir issue, as if imran khan is making it up.

  • Salim N.
    02/15/2020 00:34

    Great Imran spoke well india is destroying it values tradition this racist ideology wil lo hurt india long term it’s like mafias run country army should come in take this facet racist government before they destroy indian