Indian Historian Busts Myths About Kashmir

“Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was the architect of Article 370.” Srinath Raghavan’s account of Kashmir’s history may surprise many Indians. The noted historian was speaking at a lecture organised by Manthan.

10/20/2019 4:57 AM
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  • Ravi K.
    3 days

    Hope the blind bhakts can allow this fact in their closed and misguided mind. Hope they can open their eyes to the facts rather than the draconian jhumla and blatant lies of the jhumla party and its tadipaar leaders

  • Shaheen S.
    3 days

    And another Issue which no one raises is ...was there a plebicite...did we or the common man have a choice as to which country we wanted to go to....It's said that India got it's freedom peacefully ...but the aftermath....what followed was mayhem ...a blood bath on both sides of the border...everybody who is anybody has memories...can we rise above them... And not rake up the past again & again...for political gain...And had the different Governments in India the past & now present run the country...adherering to the LAW ...not subjectively according to their respective political convinced....plzzz🙏🙏🙏

  • Shaheen S.
    3 days

    Bravo man have facts sorted out...& Given the present day political are Brave Too !!

  • Ashok S.
    3 days

    Absolutely rubbish; devoid of factual correctness

  • Abdul A.
    5 days

    Very good speech based on realities. It exposes Indian hegemony in jammu and kashmir

  • Sadruddin H.
    01/16/2020 00:10

    Bastard... Lier

  • Ramesh K.
    01/14/2020 00:31

    I don't want your incomplete history but we want a complete Future!

  • Veena J.
    01/13/2020 15:33


  • Syed M.
    01/11/2020 09:14

  • Sumon S.
    12/26/2019 12:09

    Great speech.

  • Basil P.
    12/25/2019 04:56

    JK is in our country and our PM should respect JK CM, MPs and MLAs and release from jail.

  • Arunsathish B.
    12/18/2019 01:30

    Then who is gopalawamy iyyangar..if Patel is the architect

  • Abraham E.
    12/16/2019 23:47

    Great speech...informative one ...

  • Prakash J.
    12/14/2019 04:36


  • Sankaran K.
    12/12/2019 03:25

    WHO made him historian. Bogus fellow

  • Jaswant S.
    12/11/2019 06:42

    In nut shell seeing present situations one can say that two gujarti were out tomake india and bring peace and prosperity on prority bbasis and two are out to crate chaos cowcracy misuse of govt exchequre and made600 feet statue of iron man with iron of poorest hard money. Will be remembered as Divider of soceity.

  • Madhavan
    12/10/2019 13:48

    He is crook under the guise of hindu name

  • Rajat S.
    12/10/2019 06:30


  • Rohit S.
    12/09/2019 17:26


  • Nachiketa R.
    12/08/2019 07:17

    All RUBBISH..