Indian Man’s Pakistani Wedding Bites Diplomacy Dust

This Barmer man’s wedding got cancelled in the Pulwama aftermath because it was to take place in Pakistan. 💍😕

09/03/2019 4:01 AM
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  • Monali B.
    28/03/2019 06:17

    What is this... I really don't understand the moto behind this news. Is his wedding is more important than our soldiers sacrifice. Or he will not get the bride in his own country.

  • Stuti A.
    17/03/2019 04:34

    Marry off in court dude. What is so much to hype about wedding getting cancelled. You have wedding plans go ahead and marry off.

  • Poojaa V.
    14/03/2019 13:52

    Why brut is focusing on this matter, India is already on brick of war. War means innocent life are at steak. Please make news on families of soldiers who were killed in these attacks. Please follow those who lost their loved ones in attacks on 26/11. Or bomblast in Mumbai. Ask them how they lost their father, brother or husband.

  • Aditya A.
    12/03/2019 19:21

    disgusting report.... You will find many issues like this, but none is above Country and its security... plz post something sensible!!

  • Ashutosh N.
    12/03/2019 15:34

    205 countries hai world me aur shadi k liye Pakistani ladki ....???wtf

  • Vilas D.
    10/03/2019 18:28

    Brunt India u bullshits is this worry for you, u brunt India the sons of a prostitute, u has only worry that a one couple suppose to be virgin had lost there chance to loose there virginity. If u worry for the man who has lost the chance for lossing virginity than give your ass hole to break his virginity.

  • Naveen K.
    10/03/2019 14:18

    I was going to the bathroom when i saw the pulwama news and postponed my pee to 5 mins..... Now make it news brut might be relevant

  • Rajesh S.
    10/03/2019 13:50

    He should be compensated by the central government at least for the tickets..

  • Ish V.
    09/03/2019 15:33

    Abe nach BC bach gya tu 😜😜

  • Maqsood H.
    09/03/2019 15:24

    Worlds dangerous country for women is India # 1 congratulations WORLD'S MOST DANGEROUS COUNTRIES FOR WOMEN 2018 (Source: Thompson Reuters Foundation Annual Poll)

  • Amrita J.
    09/03/2019 14:58

    Shaadi barbadi especially when Pakistan comes..

  • अक्षत ज.
    09/03/2019 14:36

    *The Story According to a Swedish news magazine, The US knew from before as soon as the F-16 was shot down !* America was angry with its use on India, but at that time it was necessary to save Pakistan from India's anger because as soon as a pilot of India was captured by Pakistan, *India had prepared the BrahMos missiles to carry out large and grueling action. The plan was that the Pakistan Air Force was annihilated at night.* That's what the US has got. *America immediately warned Pakistan that the pilot in possession should not be harmed;* Otherwise, it would be impossible to stop India and *warned that in the event of war, it will lock the F-16 engine of all 45 jets given by US*. Pakistan Army Chief Bajwa, afraid of India's potentially harsh action, spoke to the UAE, and the US talked to Arabia and Russia meanwhile. *The Arab advised India stay for one night. Arabians had approached the PMO New Delhi in the afternoon and reprimanded Pakistan.* *Russia, USA, convinced Pakistan that till tomorrow morning, in every situation, the Indian Pilot be released unconditionally.* Not only that, Pakistan asked for a direct link from the satellite that was monitoring India from China, which China refused. *Lastly, Pakistan sought help from Turkey, to which turkey also immediately refused and asked the pilot to be handed over safely as early as possible.* *Pakistan has never handed over past POWs unconditionally, it was cornered by the world due to its retaliatory strikes on Indian Army installations as against India’s preemptive strikes on the Terror bases (whose information was also gathered through top intelligence agencies across the world).* For the information of what India can do here, the satellites of major countries of the world were keeping an eye on India. *From 24 February to 28 February, in the night, Pakistan's top military officers lived in house bunkers.*

  • Imran J.
    09/03/2019 14:01

    So all this was plotted and planned by his father in law who is proactive in congress to cancel this bjp bhakt wedding. :D

  • Rohit S.
    09/03/2019 13:47

    What nonsence .....what kind of news is this ? Ur wedding is not bigger then the country ........

  • Manohara R.
    09/03/2019 11:44

    Please report the true news that matters Else shut down your shop

  • Babu A.
    09/03/2019 11:09

    Wahh brut india bhi bohut kaali lag rahe hai , same like jobless people , matlab kuch bhi lavda lassan daalkey

  • Sandeep R.
    09/03/2019 09:24

    40 soliders were killed and these guys are reporting about a postponed wedding. Great job Brut India

  • Susanne T.
    09/03/2019 08:36

    I hope love, understanding, tenderness and cultivated communication will finally make this marriage possible (if the bride agrees, too 😉).

  • Animesh M.
    09/03/2019 08:15

    Some days ago,an interview of Nawaz Sharif was published.Brut i think that was much more informative and significant in this moment.So stop posting these bulshits and make some sense.😑😑😑

  • Sweta P.
    09/03/2019 08:12

    Is this news? Brut reports shit Now..

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