• Dhushar S.
    04/07/2020 11:33

    well said

  • Danai A.
    12/06/2020 13:00

    If you don't want to have problems in the future, send Muslims to Pakistan or Bangladesh... India is for Hindus!!!

  • Neelam G.
    20/05/2020 10:36

    ऐसा लगता है की काॅलेजसे हकालपट्टी हुई है इसका गुस्सा वो हिंदूओंको गालियां देकर निकाल रहा है

  • Reetu D.
    14/05/2020 20:42


  • Viraj D.
    30/04/2020 12:44

    Ye budda madarchod hey ye gallat chijje sikhata hey collage me

  • Ramakrishna T.
    14/03/2020 03:12

    A 2000 year religion says all are sinners and if you believe in Saviour only you are saved and another 1300 year old says believe in our God othewise you are Kaafir and condemned and you have the most old which says you have freedom to choose any God you like for there is only God nothing apart from it

  • Mohammad F.
    29/03/2018 11:14

    Zahed Shareef

  • Loki R.
    17/02/2018 22:42

    North Indians and Pakistanis are born out gene variation as they are from ARYAN RACE they have always fighted for religion be it muslims, hindus, jains, sikh ... As they are aryans they wont integrate with rest of the culture in Indian Subcontinent... they should be banned from south india and east india ... They are always looking for communal problems .... Look at their states and cities be UP BIHAR OR LAHORE ISLAMABAD they all have these bad genes in their DNA... I dont know how this mass people can be cured....

  • Rohit M.
    17/02/2018 08:45

    Makrand T

  • Debarshi D.
    15/02/2018 08:42

    Brut India you are totally biased, how can you show things that makes sense in the age of 56. Post videos of the modern hitler blabbering his petty thoughts and bashing Gandhi's so that the bhakts can get their daily orgasm.

  • Logeeth K.
    14/02/2018 23:35

    What he is saying is completely true. Get out of your religious brain and look at it. Many of the died in ram temple fight. Many died fighting for their religion. Many people was hurt due to the fight between particular caste and religious people. What the fuck is wrong with you guys? Just look it from the right view, the professor view.. Nobody would have died if they haven't fought for their religion. Instead they should have joined Our military and secure our nation. Instead of doing that those idiots are fighting for their racist behavior. No tolerance. 😤. I am not anti-nationalist, and also don't say anything about racist PM, he does not need your support. He will stand for the racism till his last breath. What the heck happened to us??

  • Srijan S.
    14/02/2018 20:26

    No matter what but the point that he is talking is a serious threat to our country and i appreciate his courage to speak up.

  • Vaishali N.
    14/02/2018 16:45

    Hindu nationalism would have saved India in the past of its colonizers, so nothing wrong with Hindu nationalism now! India should stand up for herself for once, people like him tend to conveniently forget what happened in the past, no matter if India would have fought back or not, India is always to blame. 🙄 😓 🙏🏾

  • Anindhya T.
    14/02/2018 15:30

    He talks about a Hindu nation (in this planet, I believe). Where is that? So why blame Hindus and compare them to some Jihadi ideology of sand countries or dollar fuelled missionary propaganda. I believe he didn't left IIT but was probably compelled to leave for talking nonsense in class.

  • Ganesh A.
    14/02/2018 12:55

    And I thought he really studied after giving up job, for first few sentences But did a good job of giving own opinion with study he never did. 😂

  • Aayush B.
    14/02/2018 12:44

    Apke kya vichaar hai

  • Mirza G.
    14/02/2018 12:38

    Religion and politics must be kept aside ,far from each other...

  • Divyesh S.
    14/02/2018 12:15

    No there is a lot of difference btw hindu fundamentalism and other and most important one is that they want uniform civil code while other wants special treatment

  • शिवम प.
    14/02/2018 10:59

    Speech on the basis of improper knowledge with beautiful vocabulary... Sir today's indian youngster is not so much idiot as you think.. we know who is working to unite country & who is working to divide country.. thanks for speech..

  • Vasu K.
    14/02/2018 10:35

    Losse talk ....

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