• Shaggy G.
    02/13/2018 11:13

    We need more heroes like him!

  • Chetan S.
    02/13/2018 11:19

    New entry in the market.

  • Swapnil J.
    02/13/2018 11:19

    He is Right Hinduism never teach fight for identity Hinduism teaches fight for equality, justice.

  • Pankaj S.
    02/13/2018 11:30

    Just Ignore him😏😏😏

  • Sanketh G.
    02/13/2018 11:30


  • Viren V.
    02/13/2018 11:32

    Something is wrong.. No no.. something is very very wrong with this page.. almost your every post is against pm modi or north indian... Go ahead.. Do it and be happy but u can't hide the truth

  • Rohit P.
    02/13/2018 11:33

    good move by launching this new page by the khangressis.

  • Pankaj S.
    02/13/2018 11:34

    Brut India, you are cositantaly rising such unjustifiable voice cos you are using one-way communication, Im going to ignore you for always...

  • Rahul S.
    02/13/2018 11:39

    ye toh madharchod sirf congressi boli bolta hai

  • Pradeep G.
    02/13/2018 11:40

    Time t unfollow this shit!!

  • Kanwar
    02/13/2018 11:46

    :Elite ppl and religious nationalism !!

  • Prasant K.
    02/13/2018 11:51

    Member of award wapsi gang ......

  • Akashdeep D.
    02/13/2018 11:53

    RSS and Hindus must understand that India belongs to all religions and cultures and not just hindus.For example Hindus don't eat beef and muslims dont eat pork, both must respect this culture.Hindus because of their majority always try to impose their culture and religion on everyone else and those who don't follow face violence and abuse.

  • Ankur K.
    02/13/2018 11:54

    Listen Old timer, you have made a wrong choice leaving your job😂! One new member from left trying to foray into mainstream! Hindu religion is much above caste and idolatry which you cannot fathom in your this lifetime!

  • Emran H.
    02/13/2018 11:55

    He is my idle

  • Suborno R.
    02/13/2018 12:02

    Every should dislike this page

  • Sreeram M.
    02/13/2018 12:05

    A MORON....to the list

  • Ravi T.
    02/13/2018 12:07

    Time to unfollow this shit

  • Sunil T.
    02/13/2018 12:07

    Who cares

  • Oresh K.
    02/13/2018 12:12

    At least someone is doing something 👍