Indians Believe Corruption Has Worsened In the Country

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made fighting graft a key campaign promise. But a new report finds that Indians don't believe corruption has reduced.

03/26/2018 7:49 AM
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  • Sahil C.
    03/26/2018 08:48

    Ye sirf bolta hai krta kuch nahi jinhe lagta unka pta nahi

  • Siddharth M.
    03/26/2018 09:19

    The man himself is biggest looter, many scams have been associated with his party and his name. Completely corrupt and ridiculous.

  • Kireeti B.
    03/26/2018 09:50

    Abhinay Durishetty

  • Deval K.
    03/26/2018 10:31

    So 60 years of default and rotten trunk will be solved with one fresh branch of 4 years

  • David F.
    03/26/2018 11:47 mokti chahiye

  • D D.
    03/26/2018 12:21

    Fuck brut India

  • Vivek C.
    03/26/2018 13:46

    Where are the new scams worth lakhs of crores since 2014? Only some odd bank defaulters managed to sneak out, but all their properties seized promptly. You do your propaganda, I'll again vote for Modi.

  • अन्वेष त.
    03/26/2018 13:54

    Ankur Tripathi

  • Aman V.
    03/26/2018 13:54

    If people take bribes at a base level what can the government do about it. Which is why DeMo was brought in for people to declare their income and holdings. But no, everyone's too busy complaining about the inconvenience and jumping to conclusions.

  • Aditya M.
    03/26/2018 14:04

    Kiran Gavade

  • Sankar C.
    03/26/2018 16:42

    Before they take bribe in cash mode... Now they take it in neft rtgs paytm Bribe taking remains the same just it become digitalized.

  • Satish N.
    03/26/2018 16:56

    Yes there is still corruption going on even after four yrs of Mr Modis government what did u expect 65yrs of corruption will be wiped out in four yrs u must be living in fools paradise land not very easy to wipe out congress corruption because it is so well entrench in the system at least Mr Modi has got the guts to go against the corruption

  • Priyajit B.
    03/26/2018 17:59

    Pura dialogue bazi karta raha kamka kuch hua nahi bass ullu banaya...yaar vote de bhi to de kise... NOTA

  • Lakshmi P.
    03/26/2018 18:41

    Deep rooted corruption is very hard to get rid of..

  • Vishnu B.
    03/26/2018 20:35

    Really, I would like to question what the logic behind this post? Anti-modi page...

  • Haroon S.
    03/26/2018 21:33

    ..May b brut walo ko b congress and aap ne paisa diya hai ,😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Saurabh B.
    03/27/2018 03:30

    Change is a process not an event bloody Brut ,and it has started and we Indians believe it will be eradicated

  • Hemendra P.
    03/27/2018 04:26

    He is the best stand-up comedian i have seen till now..makes me laugh every time

  • Paras B.
    03/27/2018 06:39

    Bhut jgha p km hua h cruption ye bt s kon s pgl log mna kr re h or 65 sal ki bimari 4 sal mthk ho jayegi kya🤔

  • Samuel K.
    03/27/2018 08:23

    Don't repeat the word Hindustan mr . Modiji.