Indians ONLY TALK About Respecting Women: PV Sindhu

“In India, people only talk about respecting women, they don’t practise it.” Badminton star PV Sindhu smashes social hypocrisy in this searing talk delivered at a Hyderabad Police event recently. 🏸

21/01/2019 11:35 AM
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  • Garima A.
    10/03/2019 10:50

  • Navya S.
    08/02/2019 09:58


  • Aswani K.
    05/02/2019 15:49

    Respect will be given based on their character but not for gender

  • Rashmi R.
    03/02/2019 06:13

    I totally agree with sindu.

  • Pradip K.
    01/02/2019 17:24

    Love you 💖

  • Kiran A.
    28/01/2019 17:15

    What makes you think that you deserve some extra "respect" for being born in a particular gender? Respect is well earned by your deeds, words, behavior. Stop shoving down our throats the feminist narrative of not getting enough "respect".

  • Praveen K.
    24/01/2019 12:58

    Respect human. Not the gender.

  • Joelbaby A.
    23/01/2019 03:47

    Pls mention those aboard countries. Life is same for men and women everywhere.

  • Joelbaby A.
    23/01/2019 03:44

    Respect is earned by both men and women

  • Aneesa
    23/01/2019 02:20

    I don't want respect based on tag of women. respect is for everyone it should be given as well as taken

  • Vilas D.
    22/01/2019 16:35

    Don't beg for the respect in the name of the gender in India the person gets the respect if he/she deserves it.

  • Sita S.
    22/01/2019 11:25

    Absolutely correct , I know sm ppl who update about respecting women on their timelines bt actually don't pactice it . Such a hyppocrate they are....'perverts'

  • Brut India
    22/01/2019 11:02

    Sindhu isn't the first star athlete to speak out about the treatment of women.

  • Surjakanta G.
    22/01/2019 10:07

    A person should be respected irrespective of gender. Just because you are a woman doesn't mean you should be respected at all cost. RESPECT is a two-way process. To earn respect, you must first learn to give respect. Just blabbering around won't cut the mustard.

  • Ateeq U.
    22/01/2019 09:14

    We respect but they should also respect us

  • Divya M.
    22/01/2019 09:04


  • Mohd S.
    22/01/2019 08:54

    *Just Imagine* If these words will say by any other muslim. Media will highight this . Musim are thinking that womens are not getting respect .. In India.

  • Ganesan N.
    22/01/2019 08:37

    Maam first concentrate and win more gold medals. Don't lose that opportunity and don't join these kind of political pulls. India divided on genders is of no use to anyone and that is what outside forces want.

  • Pranjal D.
    22/01/2019 05:49

    Respct the prson not the gender ,, one side is shouting fr equlity and the other side is demanding respct , i gues rspct must be earned not demanded .

  • Ashraf R.
    22/01/2019 05:37

    Wow great

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