Indians struggling to leave Ukraine capital

A day before an Indian student was killed in Ukraine's Kharkiv, Brut spoke to a student from Tamil Nadu who was struggling to find a train out of Kyiv.

01/03/2022 2:35 PMupdated: 01/03/2022 3:10 PM
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  • Radomír S.
    22/03/2022 13:23

    Where are the roots of the war in Ukraine and who is Putin's role model? The United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization promised Russia in the 1990s that they would not go to East Germany. But then the NATO pact expanded to Russia's borders. In 1999, the United States, Great Britain and Germany bombed Serbia. NATO expanded, US military bases began to emerge in the Balkans and in Russia's neighbors. In 1999, NATO attacked Serbia without the consent of the UN Security Council. NATO troops then occupied Serbian Kosovo and helped tear it away from Serbia. In 2001, the United States conquered and occupied Afghanistan and established a puppet government there. In 2003, the United States and the United Kingdom, with the support of the NATO Pact, attacked Iraq, conquered it, and occupied and subverted it. Again without the consent of the UN Security Council. Through their aggressive interventions, NATO pact members have contributed to the disruption of Libya. And then the United States began to seek Ukraine into its sphere of influence. The United States began funding and supporting government opponents and nationalists in Ukraine. The United States and NATO and European Union countries supported the coup in Ukraine and began to support the nationalist regime. This regime adhered to the traditions of Stepan Bandera supporters and nationalists who exterminated Jews, Poles and Russians in Ukraine during World War II. The US-backed NATO-NATO pact began to discriminate against Russian-speaking citizens in the immediate aftermath of the coup. In the conflict in eastern Ukraine between the nationalists and the Russian minority, the United States, NATO and the European Union have sided with the nationalist government. In contrast, the Russian Federation in 2014 supported the separatist efforts of the Russian-speaking minority in Donbas and helped to separate Crimea from Ukraine. This year, Putin re-emulated US policy and the NATO Pact. In the 8 years of the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine, Putin has now been hit by a military attack on Ukraine. Again, as before, the United States and NATO, without the consent of the UN Security Council. Putin demands that Ukraine never join NATO and that no US and NATO bases and weapons systems be deployed on its territory. Putin also demands that the rights of national minorities be respected in Ukraine. And he demands recognition of the fact that Crimea has joined Russia in a popular vote. Putin thus imitates the United States and NATO members who have acknowledged Kosovo's secession from Serbia. Europe and the world are being dragged into barbarism. Militarists and arms manufacturers and extreme nationalists from the United States and Russia and member countries of NATO, the European Union and Ukraine are unwilling to act civilly and democratically. The victims of superpower politics and extreme nationalists are now the people of Ukraine. But not only them. In their rivalry, the great powers threaten and break up equal and mutually beneficial economic, political and cultural cooperation between states and nations. The United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and, after them, Russia are unwilling to abide by the UN Charter. The capitalists and their elites are fighting for spheres of influence, for extreme profits from the production and sale of weapons. They want to blackmail and rob economically and militarily weaker states and nations. It is necessary to know this and resist them.

  • Paul J.
    19/03/2022 20:32

  • Radomír S.
    14/03/2022 14:43

    Zelensky also, according to some American analysts, is an actor who sacrifices the civilian population. The Ukrainian army is weak and takes civilians hostage and human shields.

  • Nya B.
    08/03/2022 13:40

    Why didn’t everyone leave when they heard that Russia planned to invade the Ukraine? That news has been out there since last year. I am sure they all knew that trying to leave once the war started was going to be a daunting task because now everyone is trying to go. As for the racism, I am certain that they already knew about that having to live in the Ukraine. Did they think the Ukrainian’s attitude was going to be more positive towards them because there is a war? People in that part of the world have always been like that and no war will change them.

  • Mohammad T.
    08/03/2022 13:05

    i feel like hell Ukraine people not humanity for foreigners students

  • Elaine S.
    08/03/2022 04:08

    Well if that country was good enough for you to go to school in why don't you pick up a weapon and help them.

  • Tove M.
    07/03/2022 21:23

    Why don't put your profession to use? Help the Ukrainians

  • Marianne W.
    07/03/2022 18:31

    This is NOT okay......

  • Milinda R.
    07/03/2022 17:36

    Zelensky is still a comedian .. racist . . Thats what russia claiming that Ukrainian killed thousands of russians at border and no world media house reported it .. these paid media houses are there for earning money and have no humanity only paid propoganda .. politics .. fake news .. or half truth .. humanity is struggling to behave .. just stop using to much brain .. your heart will say it all .. we all are humans first before anything else..

  • Gurey L.
    07/03/2022 02:30

    It is disgusting and disgrace to see the atrocity Ukrainian soldiers committing. The whole world is watching, and according to human rights watch Ukrain are the worst nation when it comes to civil rights and democracy✅

  • Sharon Y.
    06/03/2022 23:45

    Where are they taking them. I read that they are rounding up the Ukrainians to place them in Internment Camps.They are Separating you. You need to ask questions.

  • Srikumarakrupara P.
    06/03/2022 23:05

    If they're doing to foreigners they're deserved to be attacked

  • Priya S.
    06/03/2022 21:08

    the first priority is given to women with kids... The Ukrainian(16-60 yrs) men are not allowed to leave the country. So, Brut India stop spreading hatred.

  • James M.
    06/03/2022 17:57

    One thing , is that we humans are set of animals. Instead of hoping that this war ends . Some people are happy that Ukrainians are suffering. Please stop this crap. They are humans .

  • James M.
    06/03/2022 17:55

    It is only natural that a kids n women of the concerned country will be given preference. It's not like this shit doesn't happen . People ,in almost every country including African asian n European n Americans take advantage of fire situations. So, let's understand one thing ,this is war n it is natural to protect women n kids. And ,it's obvious that a foreigner will have money. People will take advantage of this, based on the present situation.

  • Shafiq S.
    06/03/2022 12:40

    BJP government .. fail goverment...hijdi goverment..desh drohi government 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Rk S.
    06/03/2022 09:17

    When govt ask to leave you were arrogant. Now don't know what to do.

  • Shahzad B.
    06/03/2022 05:06

    Indian should understand how it feels to get discrimination if you are in minority.

  • Shedare D.
    06/03/2022 03:58

    They just like American racist… all the same… they would do the same to us in USA if war begins here.. pure , unadulterated racism

  • Mary F.
    05/03/2022 22:37

    St. Michael the Archangel protect all the people from Ukraine. Amen

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