Indira Gandhi On The Meaning Of Freedom

Seven years after imposing the controversial Emergency in India, Indira Gandhi stressed on the importance of freedom during a visit to America... #TBT

01/07/2021 5:27 AM
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  • Vikas T.
    6 days

    BRUT headline "Indira Gandhi on the Meaning of Freedom" Open up ur mind Brut The only Emergency in India has been implemented by her.

  • Nilesh S.
    7 days

    Look at her, challenging and asserting intelligently India position during the cold war era. Regan is right there but she doesn't flinch. Whatever else she could have been, she was a strong leader, and not an asslicker like the ones we are dealing with now.

  • Mahindran V.
    7 days

  • Sanjay C.
    7 days

    Once upon a time when we had educated prime minister! 🙏🏼

  • Mir I.
    22/07/2021 09:00

    What a great speech.

  • Flavy P.
    08/07/2021 19:54

    Speech with maturity and responsibility. Politics has lost its dignity these days. They way the politicians speak these days will only end up in creating communal violence.

  • Amandeep S.
    03/07/2021 20:11

    Ex mamma of bhakts.... as bhakts have a new papa..

  • Ronald d.
    03/07/2021 11:49

    Politicians do it all the time, doesn't it happen even today in India.

  • Ambika S.
    02/07/2021 19:41

    Yet another modi variant(lady modi). India main aag laga ke America main holier than thou ban rahi hai

  • Raj S.
    02/07/2021 14:14

    Compare this to ‘Ab ki baar, Trump sarkar’.

  • Ningthou J.
    01/07/2021 17:12 check this video 23 year youngster did sucide because of not getting justice

  • Ningthou J.
    01/07/2021 17:10

    Modi bhakt ise phele india ko koi nai phechanta 🤣🤣🤣 I die

  • Mir I.
    01/07/2021 11:27

    Sou choohe kha kar billi hajj ko challi

  • Pradip K.
    01/07/2021 09:57

    Let's discipline the mass before giving them freedom in form of democracy if not than it will backfire on us heavily

  • রাকেশ শ.
    01/07/2021 09:42

    Khalisthani are more dangerous than other because they are the insider like Bhibisan in Ramayana

  • Al E.
    01/07/2021 08:38

    She had her vices but no leader since has managed to come even close to the standards she had set.

  • Sheeja P.
    01/07/2021 07:42

    She was the iron lady which leadership no one was able to fill the void.

  • David F.
    01/07/2021 07:38

    Iron lady of Asia

  • S. R.
    01/07/2021 07:32

    At her time, at least she thought about weaker sections & did many things like to end the control of few powerful rich people over wealth. She ended the privy purse, distributed the lands among weaker sections after taking the lands from landlords, nationalize the banks & insurance co. to make them within the reach of common public especially weaker section. That was the pain of some people & opposing her that led the way to emergency. But now modi & bjp is doing opposite of what she did. modi & bjp is helping to accumulate most of the wealth in some hands & to make weaker sections more exploitable than before. Today we are facing an undeclared emergency. Indira Gandhi did most of the things in favour of common public esp. weaker section while modi is doing all things in favour of only 2 rich businessmen.

  • Gaurav R.
    01/07/2021 07:16

    3 stages of spreading Islam in the world - Stage 1 - if u r the minority , act liberal , support government , play victim card like in USA and Europe Stage 2 - u r nearing majority , criticize government , reproduce more kids , spread Islam ☪️, like in India Stage 3 - u r the majority , kill democracy, make Islamic state . Like in pakistan , Middle East . If u hv any doubts regarding my theory , just look around . Only those countries which hv Muslim minority are democratic. Have u seen a democracy with Muslim majority ? Never . Because they convert democracy into autocracy the moment they get majority . So take care . Don’t be fooled by a Muslim who is acting friendly in ur country , he is doing that only till Islam is in minority in ur country .