Is India Really Open-Defecation Free?

Making India open-defecation free was one of the many promises that Prime Minister Narendra Modi made when he first came to power in 2014. But despite considerable progress, many poor Indians don’t have access to a clean toilet.

10/14/2019 4:58 AM
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  • Tushar P.
    10/14/2019 05:04

    Thank you for Making India Proud Mr PM 🙏

  • Arif A.
    10/14/2019 05:05

    Toilet 😂😂😂 Toilets are like property for india they keep it locked

  • Jaide K.
    10/14/2019 05:05


  • Adi A.
    10/14/2019 05:05

    Shit on the track. A famous End-ian Slogan. 😁😁😁🖐

  • P.i. G.
    10/14/2019 05:08

    yes, still some flaws are there, but now people hv to think there own cleanness, with the help of Govt. Schems.

  • AwAis K.
    10/14/2019 05:09


  • Milind S.
    10/14/2019 05:09

    Claims without substance.. Even the toilets built are hardly maintained well. There should be proper strategies to maintain toilet apart from building it...Even citizens of this country should learn to maintain cleanliness by not spitting in toilet and those in charge of cleaning should do their duties properly

  • Mayank S.
    10/14/2019 05:10

    I live in lucknow. Il show places in my neighborhood where kids shit in the open .... forget about villages

  • Bilalshah I.
    10/14/2019 05:10

    He is aa big terrorist in the world

  • Sithin P.
    10/14/2019 05:11

    It took 2014 and Narendra Modi to raise Awareness and built such large scale Toilets in India..a simple thing.

  • حیدر ع.
    10/14/2019 05:14

    Mitroooo....train ki ek lambi yatra kro , aur open defecation free India ka aanand lo 😁😁😁

  • Jitendra P.
    10/14/2019 05:14

    I don't understand what was point of that expert. Government just wants to declare that we did this we did that even if situation doesn't improves. I live in capital region and I see everyday people going into open. Government is claiming so much but not much has changed in actual reality

  • Aatish D.
    10/14/2019 05:15

    Atleast hes trying 😊

  • Aatish D.
    10/14/2019 05:15

    Best PM ever

  • Rakesh C.
    10/14/2019 05:18

    You can't change public mind....give theme all facilities they want azadi.(freedom) toilet se azadi, cleaniness se azadi, azadi...n ..more azadi

  • Saroj D.
    10/14/2019 05:25

    Jumla again & again........

  • Georgy R.
    10/14/2019 05:25

    I think the govt is triying really hard on this joke,but its kinda hard because there are plenty of people below poverty line...the government has other jobs as it might take a bit time...but open defication free will happen...

  • Eshan S.
    10/14/2019 05:28

    asa sarrras khota bolnarya prime minister baddal tuza kai mhanna ahe?

  • Asif M.
    10/14/2019 05:28

    He is a toilet everyone should shit on him

  • Tabrej A.
    10/14/2019 05:30

    Half of the toilets are without water.