• Brijesh B.
    5 days

    Brut india is made to brutally attack india so no surprise from brut india. They will always spread false propaganda. They do not have courage to speak about tahir hussain and it's role in riots.

  • Dhiraj T.
    5 days

    Abey modi bhi toh dalit hai aur desh ka PM hai..haddh hai.

  • Velayudham N.
    5 days


  • Singh G.
    6 days

    U PEOPLE Dont STUDY VEDAS , scriptues JUST JOIN an Organisation which is not Runned by Bonafide GURUJIS thats y u dont know about Sanatan Religion.

  • राव स.
    6 days

    Fake, झूठ है . कभी caste ki baat hi nhi hoti.

  • Hassan I.
    6 days

    Neeta Khemka Don't forget fantastic tea. This time we will present you Peshawari qehwa too. Butt please one request that send professional pilots not Truck drivers like Abhinandan. 😂😂😂

  • Asha G.
    6 days

    100% right

  • Pranjal G.
    7 days

    These ppl r hell bent on defaming RSS coz it's a hindu organisation....

  • ਪਰਮਵੀਰ ਸ.
    7 days

    Agree the ideological base is filth which is all about hate, discrimination, destruction

  • Sanjay S.
    08/01/2020 22:51

    Thats not true.

  • MF H.
    08/01/2020 16:57

    Rss+bjp are terrorist organization n antinationals...ban or hang the bastards immediately

  • Kishan K.
    08/01/2020 15:35

    Fake propaganda, may be useful for Alzazeera channel.

  • Ziya S.
    08/01/2020 11:35

    Chutiye bnaate h dalit aur aadvaasi ka ye brahman log jis ram mandir p khush hore zindagi me andar nhi jaa paayenge.... Islam me kch nhi h caste ap masjid k imaam tk bn skte h dalit hoke bhi aur sb apke peeche namaz padhenge....

  • Raj Y.
    08/01/2020 07:27

    RSS is awesome for our Hindu religion, culture and safety of our nation that includes Muslims.

  • Sachin A.
    08/01/2020 06:07

    Hindu is already divided, please spare now, request with folded hands

  • Ramakant U.
    07/31/2020 18:51

    good well said don't blame all. Hindu jai hind

  • Ramakant U.
    07/31/2020 18:47

    Sorry but u should had wait and desh ke liye lade hote yeah ap ise Muslim desh bhana de

  • Kuldeep S.
    07/31/2020 16:31

    This is fake

  • Rakesh O.
    07/31/2020 15:11


  • Afroz A.
    07/31/2020 06:07

    पहले तो अपनी माँ चुडवाया अब जा बेटी चुडवा rss से