Is The Cookie Crumbling For Parle-G?

Parle-G: How the creation of 20th Century ovens in Mumbai is facing the heat of a 21st century slowdown…

01/09/2019 4:57 AM
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  • Aijaz A.
    21/09/2019 11:36

    Do not need to demotivate , watch zee news it help to make you happy.

  • Salman K.
    20/09/2019 23:19

    Thanks to modi G

  • རཕྯོར ཡ.
    18/09/2019 23:03

    Tbh i didnt liked ur biscuit since my childhood.. I ate it onçe or twice but after that i mever touched this biscuit Parle G but tbh again this biscuit is the most loved biscuit in my area..

  • Saurabh G.
    18/09/2019 06:09

    Nope, The biggest reason for me was, The change in the taste. The iconic taste which I remember was nowhere to be found. But, I found it in Parle-G Gold, Yep a Gold variant of Parle-G biscuit. But, It was never easy to get it from the Stores nearby because they always used to be out of stock, and when asked, They told that the main seller isn't brining up the biscuit so local distributors were also not able to make list for local shops.

  • Swarup M.
    17/09/2019 08:19

    Bunty bhai nay promotion kar diya or kya chahea 😘😘

  • Rakesh K.
    16/09/2019 16:33

    Please bring it back I can't forget that taste

  • Anoop B.
    14/09/2019 09:36

    One more company falls due to the failed economic policies of this useless BJP government.

  • Rajiv K.
    13/09/2019 04:07

    Glat hua... sabse sasta sabka sathi grib ho ya amir sab isko khti thi. Jis k naam m hi respect thi...parle g

  • Krashna K.
    12/09/2019 18:01

    parle-g g stands for gluco before watching this video i thought g stands for genius great knowledge I've gained today

  • Gullu K.
    12/09/2019 10:12

    The credit of all these goes to Narendra modi,the most uneducated PM

  • Kullaya S.
    11/09/2019 05:50

    No one will give their kids parle g now a days. They prefer costlier biscuits. So parle g is in loss

  • Vikram B.
    10/09/2019 16:47

    Ur fav biscuit

  • Rajeev G.
    10/09/2019 15:16

    koi vichar

  • Soodess M.
    10/09/2019 14:57

    Waah Modi Ji waah...

  • Sandeep K.
    10/09/2019 02:41

    how brut is diverting everythng and blaming present govt. everytime

  • Rahul T.
    09/09/2019 18:29

    i don't eat parle g anymore ,they add too much sugar .

  • Rifa M.
    09/09/2019 14:32

    because you went to Canada

  • Sheeza A.
    09/09/2019 08:11

    *Parle G* was very famous among little kids n children.. at present *Oreo buiscuits* has taken its place.. Jb se Oreo aaya h parle G toh has just vanished...

  • Sameer R.
    08/09/2019 05:48

    It is break fast for some people still today !

  • Abhishek S.
    08/09/2019 05:32

    It is all hoax created....Parle is going to put up a case against those who put up this hoax

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