• Mustafa M.
    10/04/2021 20:23

    They are important asset to the nation should be save at any cost....

  • Soumya S.
    10/04/2021 04:54

    CIA , SVR or MSS

  • Inder S.
    07/04/2021 12:58

    Everybody knows bout it by now, but sadly not many are still speaking up. Sad to see many of our top scientists lose their lives under mysterious circumstances who have dedicated years of their lives for betterment of India & science.The worst part tho is that after all these years the govt is still clueless.

  • Mugdha D.
    07/04/2021 09:32

    Why we can’t solve this mystery? Or perhaps the information is not available to the common people.

  • Abhinav V.
    07/04/2021 06:45

    I've heard of something like this happening to Indian scientists in NASA too.

  • Shiva G.
    07/04/2021 03:43

    Christain countries with the help of local antinationals

  • BM R.
    06/04/2021 23:28

    We should also focus on the enemy within and not just external enemies. People can be bought or blackmailed. Chinese are at the forefront of sabotaging, stealing intellectual property and also engaged in biological warfare.

  • Siddhartha M.
    06/04/2021 17:24

    Raw is capable to find these attacks if they are from outside the country.

  • Molly M.
    06/04/2021 16:49

    Scary! Was this not something they did during the Cold War! I guess people really do not change! I do hope our government pays attention. These are the brightest and the smartest of people! My prayers are with them!

  • Jawahar S.
    06/04/2021 15:44

    Is that the story of R Madhabans new movi rocketry?

  • Aftab S.
    06/04/2021 14:16

    Possible.. This is not the 1st time one sees what's happening to Indian scientist and government is mute

  • Satish V.
    06/04/2021 14:00

    I am doubtful about bjp and RSS people involvement because earlier rss use to work with British empire against Indian freedom movement ...and now people from RSS is running bjp and congress party...

  • Arpit W.
    06/04/2021 13:22

    It’s the problem everywhere. He is right who cause these problems never get punished. Just like COVID-19 how come in so short time a disease came from nowhere and now there vaccinating the whole world . It’s not our mistake it’s somebody who create a disease or virus 🦠 and tried to spread but that powerful person never 👎 been found . Science is big but now some powerful people are using it to manipulate and rule the world 🌎. Evil 🦹‍♀️ is on rise.

  • Rajesh S.
    06/04/2021 12:57

    Good evening sir ☀️❤️🙏

  • Purbita M.
    06/04/2021 12:35

    And the govt provides Y+ security to Kangana Ranaut

  • Jaikala G.
    06/04/2021 12:33

    CCTV cameras needed everywhere

  • Abhi A.
    06/04/2021 12:19

    Story of Nambinarayan. https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1379322762934722562.html

  • Sudha G.
    06/04/2021 12:12

    So alarming to know that our Nuclear scientists are under threat,we hv lost many of them,some enemies ,who do not wish our Nuclear programs well , hv penetrated into the system and harrassing our scientists.

  • Raveendran P.
    06/04/2021 12:10

    Under Modi and Tadipar ED IT and CBI is doing samething to their opponents by implicating them false cases.These agencies fabricate cases under threat from tadipar and master of genocide Modi for a one party rule in India.

  • Ganapati B.
    06/04/2021 11:46

    Let us hope Government will take some initiative to protect senior scientists from sabotages and subversive acts of the foreign and domestic vested interests.