It's Tigers VS Cows

On World Tiger Day, India celebrated the big cat's roaring numbers. But how does it compare to India's most controversial animal?

30/07/2019 12:16 PM
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  • Basab B.
    02/12/2019 12:44

    Which music is this ??

  • DSiva D.
    20/08/2019 02:38

    But india is giving india a bad name. It is their internal matter

  • Rajesh P.
    19/08/2019 06:10

    T4hjkohPppii I Pont London L

  • Amit K.
    18/08/2019 21:50

    Pakkamuslim nibba editor hai iska

  • Harshit M.
    18/08/2019 15:52

    How can u call our Gau mata a controversial animal fuck off brut india 😠😠😠

  • Divyang G.
    18/08/2019 11:37

    Great analysis... The more you spew venom against hindus and and now even cows the more terms you add to modi's govt...

  • Singhshubham A.
    18/08/2019 09:41

    Kyoki mai tumhari ammi chodunga

  • Vì R.
    16/08/2019 17:39

    Bawass page.....brut india....u r the brut

  • Mathew R.
    16/08/2019 16:39

    Athanu njangade India......aah pinne ee video ondakkiyavane sangi chettanmaru kananda.....😜

  • তীর্থ র.
    16/08/2019 06:46

    Why you used the Muslim fundamental issue fucking bustard ...your mom feed you her milk...are you cut yor mon head...? Tell me.. fucking ***" Jay Sri abvp...paihli fursat sa Nikal..India Ko tera jarorat nahi

  • Anush A.
    15/08/2019 20:22

    What you trying to say

  • Saddam A.
    15/08/2019 15:49


  • Durai A.
    15/08/2019 07:00

    If we cant afford you can we slaughter you brut. Bastard what logic behind this post. Just Hatred towards Hindus

  • Rakesh B.
    15/08/2019 06:15

    . Have a look

  • हिमान्शु क.
    15/08/2019 02:54

    It's your responsibility to save our culture, every country does it why shouldn't we....

  • Ritesh T.
    14/08/2019 22:14

    This BRUT page support the urban Naxal ideologies. They will always post smthing against Hinduism.

  • DrMaitreya D.
    14/08/2019 05:32

    I unsubscribed Brut just now. Educate yourself before you say anything

  • DrMaitreya D.
    14/08/2019 05:28

    Useless Brut. Brut has Zero knowledge on Cow, benefits of Cow protection. And how to use cow for Economic growth. Pls visit Govardhan eco village and learn

  • Sajan T.
    13/08/2019 17:02

    But iam so happy to say that all this stray cattles can emit oxygen ... so no problem with their increasing numbers . More cows more oxygen .😂😁😁😂😂😂

  • Shubham L.
    13/08/2019 14:30

    Again how a cattle animal cow is related to endangering an species such as tiger- I still don't understand. Moreover how the hell this is running as sponsored ad?? What is the purpose of this comparison?? About Cow related lynching most have happened due to cattle smuggling and the state of law and justice. Moreover is this the only animal that can destroy crop!! Every cattle animal may do that because these are animals. But why the hell are you targeting cows morons??

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