• Kafil K.
    24/06/2021 14:01

    Chinese came 100 km inside

  • Philips A.
    24/06/2021 08:43

    U all r angels over there in such a adverse terrain protecting "Mother India" GBUall.

  • Anjali K.
    23/06/2021 07:07

    Yoga helps with high altitude health issues through practices of asanas and Pranayama for blood circulation and breathlessness. Many comments here show how ignorant some are in the land of Yoga. Even Saudi Arabia has included it in their Sports curriculum.

  • Faisal K.
    23/06/2021 05:43

    Kya yoga matters.........?

  • Ramya R.
    22/06/2021 11:43


  • KS M.
    22/06/2021 04:07

    indian got yoga chinese got qi gong.

  • Potshangbam B.
    21/06/2021 16:13


  • Hervé F.
    21/06/2021 12:22

    Yoga is good for the body and mind. They become stronger. Happy international yoga day 🧘🏽‍♂️

  • Hassan M.
    21/06/2021 10:37

    But end result would be the same. Love from 🇵🇰

  • Kanishk A.
    21/06/2021 10:29

    Less yoga more MMA. You cant defeat chinese by stretching everyday lool.

  • Wakas A.
    21/06/2021 10:05

    Indian jawans stretching and limbering up for Chinese 😉😉😉😉

  • Nazia B.
    21/06/2021 09:38

    May Allah protects you all

  • VS M.
    21/06/2021 09:27

    Awesome feat

  • Surinder P.
    21/06/2021 08:36

    इनकी भी कोई मजबूरी होगी यह ड्रामा करने की कोई भी तेज बहादुर यादव नही बनना चाहता है 7 साल से यह योग दिवस की सर्कस शुरू हुई है लगभग 600 करोड़ एक दिन का खर्च है, बस कुछ भक्तो को हरी चटाई मिल जाती है

  • Rajesh S.
    21/06/2021 08:26

    Jai hind

  • Nitin C.
    21/06/2021 07:45

    Is this why Chinese able to come deep into our territory coz our jawans calmly busy doing yoga ?

  • Guluna K.
    21/06/2021 07:44

    Loved it

  • Samar B.
    21/06/2021 07:39

    The Roman Emperors used to say ” If you cannot give the people bread, give them circuses ”. Today’s Indian Emperors say “ If you cannot solve the massive problems of poverty, unemployment, hunger, price rise, healthcare, farmers distress, etc, give the people stunts and gimmicks like Yoga Day, Ram Mandir, Swatchata Abhiyan, CAA, Article 370 revocation, etc ”.

  • Angad K.
    21/06/2021 07:37

    Bharat Mata ki jai 👏

  • Mark Welsh
    23/06/2020 22:56

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