Jaishankar holds up mirror to Europe on Russian oil import

India was questioned for importing Russian oil. So, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar called out Europe's hypocrisy of sanctions.

04/04/2022 5:27 PM
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  • Shubhant P.
    11/04/2022 15:43

    Solid retort

  • Amit S.
    11/04/2022 15:33

    Brut, always has double standards.. wake up anti Indian Brut soon it is time for you to pack your bags..

  • Shahnawaz K.
    10/04/2022 23:50

    India did well by putting their public interest first and after all Russia is reliable partner to India.

  • Krunal C.
    10/04/2022 16:47

    This is the first time I see his knowledge and wisdom as a minister...

  • Deepak V.
    10/04/2022 15:09

    I'm impressed with his attitude. He shut their mouth with his points. But still india pricing more.

  • Hanuman A.
    10/04/2022 12:49

    India should do business with all countries , all thing matters because of population.

  • Ganesh M.
    10/04/2022 03:55

    But then also prices of fuel in India is touching sky

  • WilyRana W.
    09/04/2022 15:46

    Truth is India is sandwiched now ...Chinese dragon awaits it to make a wrong move and then it will begin arm twisting India to concede territory and businesses like Huawei deal...Russians will benefit from the arms deals with India... Islamophobia in India is created with another interest of the west to control middle eastern oil with islamophobic Indian armies...but thegamesees to have gone haywire now as the ploy is used by the ruling party effectively to stay in power ...With Sri lanka on the verge of being sold out to China the same may happen in India ...for China CPEC in Pakistan is at a risk.. India seems with the devil and get burnt ..perfect

  • Sureshbabu T.
    09/04/2022 15:09

    Jai Jai Shankarji Jai Hind 🇮🇳

  • মুহিব আ.
    09/04/2022 08:03

    I'm not indian. But I highly appreciate Mr Jaishankar exposed the hypocrisy of the europeans. Respect 🖖

  • John P.
    06/04/2022 19:15

    Because its all in contacts and agreements they can't just stop sanctions are complexed they don't work like painkiller it takes time

  • Miglius S.
    05/04/2022 23:05

    Should just sanction India and let them drown in there own shit...

  • Santosh K.
    05/04/2022 20:32

    India shoud do whatever good suits to it. We should not believe in the habitual lier like USA. USA can go any extent to save it's citizens or it's interest for that matter. Time and again many wars were thrust upon the whole world by the cunning USA to protect it's interests say in the name of WMDs in Iraq Bin Laden in Afghanistan etc. We r a sovereign country and we can take decisions.

  • Beth M.
    05/04/2022 17:23

    Hypocrisy in its highest elitist form. Good for you India . Show them that truth will keep your country free from the influence of the western bigots. Love it when you side with fairness and truth. You rock.

  • Kevin G.
    05/04/2022 16:22


  • Kevin G.
    05/04/2022 16:20

    Pray for peace

  • Kevin G.
    05/04/2022 16:20

    I. Think youre monkey

  • Kevin G.
    05/04/2022 16:20


  • Ritesh A.
    05/04/2022 15:05

    I think he will be the candidate of prime misister post for 2029 from bjp

  • Peter P.
    05/04/2022 14:24

    Liz Truss is a nobody

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