Jaitley’s Journalist Friends Caught In Controversy

Many journalists tweeted the news of Arun Jaitley’s death. But some were questioned when they revealed just how close they were to the powerful politician. 🤔

28/08/2019 10:26 AM
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  • Yug S.
    31/08/2019 20:54

    However is a journalist custodian of democracy? Brut India what were you guys thinking when running this story, would like to know? People, including journalists, can say what they want about Arun Jaitley and their associations but let's be sensible and pause for a moment to reflect if Mr. Jaitley would have divulged any secrets of the GoI as is being insinuated!

  • Syed F.
    31/08/2019 06:26

    Roasted at the end 😄😄😄

  • Deepanwita N.
    29/08/2019 19:09

    Journalism is their profession. Their job has nothing to do with their friends. It's personal. They also have freedom of speech and can express their grieve in whichever platform they wish. People who can't understand and respect that, need to open their minds.

  • Binaya B.
    29/08/2019 18:30

    cant journalist have friend

  • Rakesh B.
    29/08/2019 13:54

    5 vs 2.... The debate ends there.... Chahe kitne hi Nafrat faila do... Brut India... Tum sabki nahi chalegi...

  • Abhishek D.
    29/08/2019 13:52

    Seems didn’t get any favors from Jaitley.

  • Hrushikesh D.
    29/08/2019 11:55

    What's new in this? At least Barkha, Rajdeep and Rajat are known to have biases. Two of them being extreme left and one being extreme right. By the way, do you have an official stand on issues or claim to be an independent new reporting agency?

  • Tombing T.
    29/08/2019 10:54

    The great Indian politician who ruined the Indian economy!

  • J. P.
    29/08/2019 02:20

    Posthumously you can heap on praising a man though he may not deserve it, because he was influential ,unmindful of where his soul lies.

  • HISIS -.
    28/08/2019 16:19

    Jhootley seems to have domesticated many journalists.

  • Abhi A.
    28/08/2019 13:30

    How can you question someone's relation with them?! They are also human and they are also patriot indians. We are to no one to judge them from their personal life. If they do something wrong with the country/in their work then we can. But they are journalist that does not mean that they have to keep distance and hate all politicians and look all with unnecessary doubts

  • Sagar S.
    28/08/2019 13:21

    Rajat Sharma isn't journalist

  • Jay D.
    28/08/2019 13:04

    So when journalist ask Sonia about her relationship with indira, what food she likes ? Her first impression of Sonia ? Those questions proves integrity? But criticise those interview where he's being asked about Rafael, Unemployment, decentralisation/disinvestment failure etc Wow !

  • Nataraj B.
    28/08/2019 11:07

    Gst is nothing but added burden on previous taxes !!!

  • Darshan D.
    28/08/2019 11:03

    Great politician ❤️

  • Vivek B.
    28/08/2019 10:48


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