Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Patel's Kashmir Legacy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi blamed Nehru for the Kashmir conflict and said that wouldn't have happened if Sardar Patel had been prime minister. But history offers a different viewpoint.

02/09/2018 12:00 AM
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  • Mahmudul H.
    02/09/2018 17:49

    Feku modi

  • T A.
    02/09/2018 17:52

    Modi didn't get to attend excuse him for his ignorance !!!

  • Tausif R.
    02/09/2018 17:53

    Chutiya Modi kya hota nahi hota wo to bad ki bat hai nahi hua bolketujhe chuna hai tu to kuch ukhad ke dikha bas jumlebazii hi krta rahega kya

  • Pradyumna S.
    02/09/2018 17:54

    Brut ko Congress ne paise diye hai.

  • Abhishikth V.
    02/09/2018 17:54

    Someones digging their graves one inch deeper everyday

  • Shashank T.
    02/09/2018 17:54

    Talk ,dig history,Repeat

  • Aditya P.
    02/09/2018 17:56

    What is the source of the fact that Patel wanted to trade kashmir for Hyderabad..?

  • Narendra B.
    02/09/2018 17:56

    boss dekh lo modi ji ko ;)

  • Girish B.
    02/09/2018 17:58

    Jai #modi ji

  • Arpit P.
    02/09/2018 17:58

    No this is not true sardar Patel was willing to take military action on Jammu Kashmir after Hyderabad. But Nehru stopped this action as it Patel was getting more attention than Mr Nehru. At that time Patel also told that this issue will persist if millitary action is not taken urgently but Nehru denied. Dear Admin don't spread such fake news atleast do some research and then post such videos. We can understand your hate feelings regarding Modi but don't involves some great leaders in it.

  • Hitesh P.
    02/09/2018 18:02

    Jawaharlal nehru is fully responsible.

  • Gaurav V.
    02/09/2018 18:02

    They cant speak about the present so they talk about past. Bcoz of the past, this govt was chosen. And now they again speak of past after full majority. Coz they got nothing done.

  • Rajesh G.
    02/09/2018 18:04

    Aditya Srinivasan, good economics is bad politics and bad economics is good politics. They want Pakistan to be the part of India without considering the burden of subsistence of such population.

  • Kishore G.
    02/09/2018 18:06

    Again Modi showed us that his facts are always wrong

  • Sahil M.
    02/09/2018 18:07

    This confuses me.

  • Arpit G.
    02/09/2018 18:08

    Agar jinnah ko prime minister banaaya hota to pakistan hii naa hota...

  • Abhirup S.
    02/09/2018 18:08

    This page is anti BJP and funded by it is expected

  • Sakshi S.
    02/09/2018 18:08

    Karan Raina 😏

  • Ijaz J.
    02/09/2018 18:09

    Look at dat English pronunciation of nehru... 😍😍😍😍

  • Daipayan A.
    02/09/2018 18:09

    chutiya brut..kaya se history paardaa..pappu Gandhi se.. report this misleading page..