Jawaharlal Nehru's Last Interview

On this day 55 years ago, India's first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru died of a heart attack. He had spoken to an American journalist on a range of issues a few weeks earlier. This is what he said about Pakistan.

05/27/2019 3:00 AMupdated: 05/27/2019 8:40 AM
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  • Ganesh S.
    05/27/2019 03:01

    Wish he wasn't born at all lol

  • Vignesh G.
    05/27/2019 03:02

    wow share post thanks for cooling

  • வீரையன் ந.
    05/27/2019 03:02

    Jai hind ji

  • Vaibhav A.
    05/27/2019 03:04

    Bt why this person doesn't let our PM work even today??🤔🤔

  • Prince G.
    05/27/2019 03:05

    What a PKMB 😂😂 #NEHARUkaBHOSDA

  • Dulichand H.
    05/27/2019 03:05

    His face cut looks like a Muslim, what is the secret behind it, I do not know about it

  • Varun S.
    05/27/2019 03:06

    Maader chod Nehru

  • Unaise A.
    05/27/2019 03:06


  • Sardar K.
    05/27/2019 03:07

    Hiv aids was the cause not heart attack

  • Ravoori M.
    05/27/2019 03:08

    It's 55years ago.... please correct it

  • Anbu S.
    05/27/2019 03:09

    Vajpayee ji on Nehru's death-"Bharat Mata is stricken with grief today — she has lost her favourite prince. Humanity is sad today — it has lost its devotee. Peace is restless today — its protector is no more. The down-trodden have lost their refuge. The common man has lost the light in his eyes. The curtain has come down. The leading actor on the stage of the world displayed his final role and taken the bow." Nincompoops from whatsapp university run by Modis and Smritis should be ashamed of themselves for being a piece of crap.

  • Prince G.
    05/27/2019 03:09

    Uska face dekhatho patha chalata pakistan me paida huvaso kutta😂😂

  • Subhankar S.
    05/27/2019 03:09

    Fhir v

  • Muhammad L.
    05/27/2019 03:10

    Jawaharlal Nehru was the Best Prime Minister India has ever had.

  • Ravi S.
    05/27/2019 03:11

    Nehru family ka Dosti no 1is brut

  • Prince G.
    05/27/2019 03:11

    Chutiya nehru

  • Marulasiddesh M.
    05/27/2019 03:13

    Tragedy of India nehru..waste

  • Olympia T.
    05/27/2019 03:13

    That was a true Prime Minister talking sense, with a true quality of being a leader. But look at now, a joker-comedian as a Prime Minister.

  • Chandan K.
    05/27/2019 03:16

    Died of what????? STD

  • Mayank B.
    05/27/2019 03:16

    And after that ,in 1965 we got war from pakistan...😡😡