Jawaharlal Nehru's Last Interview

On this day 55 years ago, India's first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru died of a heart attack. He had spoken to an American journalist on a range of issues a few weeks earlier. This is what he said about Pakistan.

05/27/2019 3:00 AMupdated: 05/27/2019 8:40 AM
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  • शैलेश् स.
    8 hours

    Pedophile chacha

  • Ghulam D.
    14 hours

    ConRSS ki asliyat jaan'nay kay bawajood... meri nazar... uski taraf kyoun jaati hai (RSS/BJP kaa vikalp dhoondney mein i.e.). India will survive Carona. It will perish at the hands of "Nafrat" Virus. RSS is brazenly Anti-Muslim. Congress must be brazenly Pro-Muslims as EQUAL CITIZENS. Say it plainly that equality is NOT appeasement. Fight RSS Pitch of Tiered Citizenship / Unequal Citizens (to quote Subramaniam Swami) which is apartheid. FIGHT regardless of electoral results and Lose 10 Elections in a row, but keep the plank of Equal Citizenship of All Indians, alive. But if ConRSS chooses Soft Hindutva, it will be reduced to single digit... and eventually melt-away. ConRSS-men will join / merge with BJP en-masse. End of Fake Secularism Story. End of Fake Ganga Jamuna (Tehzeeb) Story. The Story was a fraud. Prashant Kanojia said it right.

  • Naresh K.
    a day

    He didn’t die of heart attack sure he died of AIDS

  • Subramanian N.
    a day

    Bastard spoiled India basically a Muslim. Womaniser

  • Bob P.
    2 days

    Tub to bhadwe tuje pakistan hee jaa ker busna tha kumbhukht bharat mei rahker desh ka satyanash kiya teri puri mulli familyne gaddar rundwa saala

  • Prashant K.
    2 days

    Nehru has created monstrous problems for India and the world. Just to create possibility of being called world leader.

  • Tanzn I.
    2 days

    1905 Partition of Bengal and 1947 independence of Pakistan was blessings for the minorities in the subcontinent.

  • Uma D.
    2 days

    So let the saffronites know what was his idea of Hindus and Muslims .

  • Abhimanyu S.
    2 days

    Bakshi crazy

  • Rajinder S.
    4 days

    Please Mr Modi should listen ti this

  • Raghu M.
    4 days

    Bastard who always supports Muslims because he was born in Lahore as openly admits in his interview what else proof do you need it’s because of him we are in this situation

  • Vinod P.
    4 days

    Nehru is s great statesman and lead India to prosperity for sure👏👏👏but miserably failed to protect the honour of the mother land.

  • MT J.
    5 days

    😂 leader?

  • Ali A.
    5 days

    Very wise PM indeed.

  • Avinash T.
    5 days


  • Sarfraz K.
    6 days

    Brut! Do air full version, Don't edit JL Nehru's interview and his pledge over Indian Occupied JKASHMIR...

  • Indra P.
    7 days

    Destroyer of India. Worst man in the history of India.

  • Devidas G.
    03/29/2020 16:29

    Darinder Nehru is desh ko sarvanash kardiya

  • Dev B.
    03/29/2020 13:34

    Mother fucker why you made it. You could offer the position of PM to Jennha. This nation would have not devieded. You were responsible to remove Subash Bose from Congress & India. Mr. Bose presence would never allow the partition.

  • Yukti J.
    03/29/2020 06:12

    Dies of syphilisSTD