Jignesh Mevani on SC/ST Act

Dalit lawmaker Jignesh Mevani criticized the Supreme Court's ruling to change laws that are meant to protect scheduled castes.

04/08/2018 6:34 AM
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  • Vinayak K.
    04/14/2018 20:10

    ASSHOLE....fabricated Statictics

  • Kshitijesh K.
    04/09/2018 04:58

    why the fu*k they are covering this video ?

  • Shreyam T.
    04/06/2018 19:17

    You talk about casteism? Tell us, who wears the caste certificate to get free money paid by the taxes of hardworking people. You talk about untouchability? Have you seen institutions where dalit students are sitting away from others? Stop spreading poisonous nonsense for your political benefit. RSS is having a very huge number dalit karyakartas but they are not called dalit among them because we treat everyone as same. Have some shame. You're a media portal Be transparent and pls don't spread poison, it's already in deadly amount in society.

  • Snehil G.
    04/06/2018 18:03

    bhai main tere sath hu jay bhim

  • Biren K.
    04/06/2018 17:30

    Modi lao Des bachao

  • Biren K.
    04/06/2018 17:29

    Jai Sri Ram Har Har modi.. Des ki saan sabki jaan modi.. Modi

  • Rao R.
    04/06/2018 16:11


  • Kuldeep S.
    04/06/2018 14:54


  • Mayank P.
    04/06/2018 14:48

    Such a nonsense person Mevani is..he is shame on society..

  • Shekhar P.
    04/06/2018 14:46

    Anyay karnarya peksha anyay sahn karnara gunhegar asto ...👊👊💪 jay bhim

  • Gaurav S.
    04/06/2018 14:42


  • Sushil G.
    04/06/2018 14:40

    Ye sala badwa hair jignesh

  • Saurav K.
    04/06/2018 14:37

    My hero jignesh bhai salut hai apko

  • Sunil K.
    04/06/2018 14:33

    Jay bhim

  • Raju S.
    04/06/2018 14:30


  • Arun K.
    04/06/2018 14:27

    I don’t agree.. all should get one law,one education,one nation because we are all one. we r Indians... don’t try to separate us by cast, by religion, by state, by ur political agenda

  • Shivkant S.
    04/06/2018 14:26

    Ji BJP .ji Hindu bake sab Bhan m jaya

  • Shivkant S.
    04/06/2018 14:25

    Haram Ka Lana chata hi ya dalit..

  • Narendra C.
    04/06/2018 14:22

    Kutta hai sala jignesh

  • Piyush K.
    04/06/2018 14:22


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