• অরণ্য দ.
    08/12/2018 17:08

    Congress are also responsible for that . Bjp and cong or other rulling party they are just agent of this capitalist system

  • Dinesh B.
    08/01/2018 11:09

    Faku.. 1000000000times

  • Dinesh B.
    08/01/2018 11:08

    Modi ji dega tab khayega.

  • Dinesh B.
    08/01/2018 11:07

    Ek ladder nahi laga sakte the..wo bhi baas ka...fake.....

  • Naveed A.
    07/31/2018 04:52

    Are yehu hai gujrath model

  • Abbas R.
    07/31/2018 04:33

    yahan per koi nahi bali ge kyon ke yahan hidu .Muslim nahi hi

  • Meet S.
    07/30/2018 08:33

    My god

  • Divyam C.
    07/30/2018 07:52

    Don't generalise anything about India. This is one example. The rest of the million students have cabs and busses and all the facilities they need. One video can't represent the whole country's system.

  • Farzena A.
    07/30/2018 06:24

    Modi ji dekhiye gujrat ki baccho ki acche din

  • ਇੰਜ.ਪਰਮਵੀਰ ਸ.
    07/30/2018 05:30

    Ek taraf lakad ki sidi lga lo...doosri traf to sidiaa hai hi.....

  • Saurabh Y.
    07/30/2018 04:50

    gujrat aisa bhi hai

  • Fayeem A.
    07/30/2018 04:29

    बीजेपी सरकार में इसी को देश का विकास कहा जाता है और आम जनता को लूटा जाता है देश को खोखला किया जा रहा है धीरे-धीरे और आम जनता को बेवकूफ बनाया जा रहा है

  • Maris S.
    07/30/2018 02:22

    India vallarasu 2020

  • Pallav B.
    07/29/2018 21:49

    Gujarat Model!

  • Anil K.
    07/29/2018 19:14

    where is this place on map..?

  • Divik T.
    07/29/2018 19:05


  • Shahid P.
    07/29/2018 16:23

    Modi out off India

  • Prakasha V.
    07/29/2018 15:57

    Baglur sutha arkolloru nodi swalpa entha neru nam kerege baruthe antha

  • Sreeraj R.
    07/29/2018 15:12

    Will that bastard IK Patel say the same if it was his children. He would have constructed it if PM, CM, Ambani, Adaani were to travel that way.... My dear beauracrat if u can't do anything just put down your papers and move out let the guys who have guts to do things takeover... Bloody rascal...

  • Mohammad J.
    07/29/2018 14:34