• Brut India
    04/10/2018 08:57

    These kids in Assam's Biswanath district have to cross a river in aluminium pots to reach their school. https://twitter.com/ANI/status/1045347714727215104

  • অরণ্য দ.
    12/08/2018 17:08

    Congress are also responsible for that . Bjp and cong or other rulling party they are just agent of this capitalist system

  • Marythomas T.
    07/08/2018 16:24

    What constructed during the time of the British, still stand. Unfortunately even with modern engineering technologhy, we see so many collapses. SHOULD WE CITIZENS BELIEVE THAT RAMPANT CORRUPTION, IN USING SUB STANDARD MATERIALS IS THE REAL CULPRIT. IF SO WHY AREN'T THE GUILTY PUNISHED?

  • Shweta D.
    06/08/2018 11:42

    Vikas ka model smart city

  • Salman R.
    05/08/2018 14:48

    This is what will happen if you build bridges with cow dung.

  • Sher K.
    05/08/2018 14:41

    I am waiting for those bhakts to come and justify this.. so curious to know what justification they have now.

  • Manish S.
    05/08/2018 09:14

    Still trying to find out why media is failed to shoot this video in over several years and now media showed up.

  • Rahul J.
    05/08/2018 04:34


  • Sarika D.
    05/08/2018 02:33

    Shameful that a bridge cannot be construed. Education has so less value now a days. Basic education should be made free to all. And means to reach the school should be made simpler

  • Punit V.
    04/08/2018 21:14

    Congrass kuch bhi khareed le per pappu ko gadhe se ensaan nai bna payegi

  • Dañial K.
    04/08/2018 18:53

    Gujarat model 😅😅😅😅

  • Shajahan K.
    04/08/2018 16:08

    But we are busy with hindu-Muslim

  • Koushik N.
    04/08/2018 15:36

    Now people will be like ‘where is modi?’ 😂

  • Arben R.
    04/08/2018 14:32

    India waste of country

  • Pranay S.
    04/08/2018 14:24

    gujrat model at its best. xD

  • Shibani C.
    04/08/2018 14:10

    What nonsense... you have technology that can build even in the rains 🤬

  • Nagendra T.
    04/08/2018 14:10


  • Nishant S.
    04/08/2018 13:55

    अजब संयोग बना है पड़ोसी देश के साथ वहाँ "कप" जीतने वाला प्रधानमंत्री बना और हमारे यहाँ "कप" धोने वाला 🤔🤔

  • সুমন প.
    04/08/2018 13:44

    Tag those gomata bhakts and pray their gomata will solve this problem.😂😂😂

  • Naveed A.
    31/07/2018 04:52

    Are yehu hai gujrath model

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