Kanhaiya’s Silver Screen Supporters

These Bollywood celebrities are backing a young Communist candidate who made his name opposing India’s current government.

04/15/2019 12:46 PMupdated: 04/16/2019 1:25 PM
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  • Aditya R.
    05/24/2019 18:23

    Bhagao is madharchod ko desh se

  • Gaurav R.
    05/18/2019 10:20

    Who made anti national slogans in jnu ...

  • Sunil B.
    05/18/2019 09:37

    are they really indian and those all who are supporting him are you indian

  • Hariom K.
    05/18/2019 08:42

    Kanhaiya Kumar ka saport krnewale ek n.k gandu h........

  • Goswami S.
    05/18/2019 08:23

    How come a chutia become overnight famous? Stop making him a hero!

  • Najmul N.
    05/18/2019 07:28

    Lal salam

  • Nitin B.
    05/18/2019 07:03

    देशद्रोही चोर साला पता नहीं इस देश के चुनाव आयोग को क्या हो गया ऐसे देशद्रोहियों को क्यों चुनाव लड़ने देते हैं क्या चाहते हैं कि देश के टुकड़े हो जाएं

  • Arka R.
    05/18/2019 06:12

    Deshodrohi... Hypocrite....

  • Ankush S.
    05/18/2019 05:09

    Swara Bhaskar can only support a retard like her... Her finger only knows to do one thing(forget about voting)!!!

  • Uttam C.
    05/18/2019 04:38

    Dog sala

  • Subhakar G.
    05/18/2019 04:36

    Communist got supporters.. Lol...they are labour comrades... Doing their duty as per wage 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jagdeep A.
    05/18/2019 04:08


  • Prakshal J.
    05/18/2019 03:31

    Reservation incoming

  • Kahnathapliyal T.
    05/18/2019 00:16

    Pagal kuta

  • Yogesh M.
    05/17/2019 19:09

    Gandu page gandu kanhaiya TereMC

  • Sayantan B.
    05/17/2019 18:56

    We need a strong leader in parliament like KK....❤️✊❤️

  • Pushkar K.
    05/17/2019 18:35

    स्वरा जी आपके ये विचार किस पार्टी और उम्मीदवार के लिये हैं? कृपया कर स्पष्ट करें! क्योंकि मैं तो कन्फ्यूज हो गया।

  • Manoj M.
    05/17/2019 17:25

    Who all are hear to listen to the cries of cowdung bhakths😂😂😂 Illeteracy can be a crime at times...😂

  • Palas B.
    05/17/2019 16:51

    Maybe I am wrong because this is India .Bharat me aysa leader k kadar Jada hai.Jo entertain kare.

  • Palas B.
    05/17/2019 16:49

    Collage rajniti ,gali rajniti, is fitted for him.national rajniti not for him. As a slogan boy he is the best...