Kashmir Clampdown: A Local Journalist’s Story

“Harassed and briefly detained.” Journalist Aakash Hassan told Brut India about the problems he faced in covering the Kashmir lockdown.

09/09/2019 11:00 AM
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  • James S.
    21/09/2019 10:24

    Chup jhute

  • Himanish R.
    21/09/2019 10:05

    Let these bastards to be dumped in Porkistan

  • Ranjeet K.
    21/09/2019 07:27

    70 years kashmir and Kashmiri was burning but now something is going to be good you are complaining not good because when the terrorist burhan vani was killed 3 month approx Kashmir was totally closed then you and people like you didn't come why?

  • Gyanendra M.
    21/09/2019 02:44


  • Rohit K.
    21/09/2019 02:12

    Armed forces are doing the right thing

  • Himanshu P.
    21/09/2019 01:19

    It is edited. Many words didnt match his lipsing

  • Junior R.
    20/09/2019 15:32

    how much money you have got to tell lie about kashmir Fuckoff u gready man

  • K R.
    20/09/2019 15:30

    Aakash Hassan what on earth is that name ? Ganga Jamuna tehzibb???

  • Deepak Y.
    20/09/2019 14:42


  • Zezas Z.
    20/09/2019 05:34

    Nice try brut India ... Propaganda expert

  • चौधरी स.
    20/09/2019 03:28

    The only thing bothering father of brut is why there is no blood shed in kashmir. You call it harassment, will you speak about that kashmiri pandit genocide.

  • Veer P.
    20/09/2019 02:19

    Paise k chakar babu bhaiya😂😂

  • Anant N.
    20/09/2019 01:40

    Report Brut india

  • Keshav S.
    20/09/2019 01:21

    Security forces are doing their job properly, only the spineless presstitutes are fuming the fire in valley and showing the wrong perspectives of things happening in kashmir. Only the 10-12% radical extremists are creating ruckus in the valley rest of the public are with India.

  • Abdul K.
    19/09/2019 21:41

    thank you for sharing.. let the BJP pigs call you anti-national.. it is really not going to change your identity

  • Yashraj S.
    19/09/2019 21:22

    Bsdk brut page Tera propaganda expose hogya h tu karna aur dikhana Kya chahta h ...isase badhiya h ki tu Apna boriya bistar samet aur nikal pahli fursat m

  • Pankaj V.
    19/09/2019 16:29

    Don't worry paid and western media the lockdown will get over with the first ray of sunlight of 2020

  • Manish A.
    19/09/2019 16:12

    Then you must learn how to act in emergency situations. You are a kid and that's how you will be treated ....

  • Dai K.
    19/09/2019 13:14

    If no restriction in communication, internet service,house arrest of Hurriyat, jklf and other non BJP political party, there wud have been multiple blood shed and choes around.Its been more than 40days that no single casualty have ever recorded and valley ppls are happy without those instigater leader like Mirwaiz, yasin, Mehbooba, Farooq sir. Normalcy of everything will restore but let time take its due course. Only there is escalation from Terrorist out fit from the Pakistan end to sabotage the peacefull existence of denizen. Else j&k is normal and one day the valley wud be the fastest develop region which so far been under grip of those vested leader!!! Jai Hind. Mera Bharath Mahan

  • Sunzal Q.
    19/09/2019 12:27

    Dirty govt dirty people

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