• Syed A.
    13 hours

    Zulm ki inteha hain. Allah SWT iske badle hazaro guna zyada dardnaak hashr karega in qatilo ka

  • Mem P.
    15 hours


  • Nazima K.
    a day

    Dear Allah Tala, please bless this father with your miracles! Inshallah his son may alive some where and he meet his father soon!! Ameen🤲

  • Bharat S.
    a day

    Muslims made kashmir hell। Muslims killed kashmiri pandits and occupied their lands , I wish one day they return whatever they have snatched।

  • Mukti S.
    3 days

    🙏 Pray God helps you in difficult times. May god bless the people who are hiding him some humanity that they return him to you🙏

  • Mir N.
    3 days

    Sorry uncle koom ka gaddaro banaya tha aap ne usse

  • Deepmala P.
    5 days

    This is really sad and painful this case should be taken up by CBI and this man should be found.

  • Padmini S.
    5 days

    Heartbreaking !

  • Osama Z.
    5 days

    The consequences that general public has to suffer in the times of occupation is heart wrenching. India has to answer all the abductions, torchers and cold blooded murders of kids, youngsters and elders.

  • Aishani R.
    6 days

    Hope he meet his son soon alive...amin

  • Michael M.
    6 days

    My sympathy to you sir ,I would've done the same .

  • ZeEshann R.
    6 days

    Do highlight those issues of the hundreds and thousands of civilians who left their home and never returned back.

  • Estelita F.
    7 days

    It's true ...families have the right to their bodies

  • Owais M.
    7 days

    God rests his soul. But he should never have retaliated with his own people.

  • Perly R.
    30/04/2021 17:29

    This is so sad May the lord strengthen his faith and unite him with his son soon

  • Sunita G.
    30/04/2021 13:49


  • Rocky M.
    30/04/2021 12:49

    Miss you bro

  • Riyaz K.
    30/04/2021 12:32

    Either Soldier or Militant at the end its Kashmiri who dies. Dont know when this conflict will stop. It should be mutually agreed between Pakistan and India that whichever side is at their occupation it should be marked as permanent border. In state of war for 70 years it has cost both sides dearly. At the end its Kashmiris who suffer.

  • Rupinder A.
    30/04/2021 10:28


  • Anondeeta C.
    30/04/2021 09:57

    Heartbreaking 🥺

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