Kejriwal's no-holds-barred attack on BJP

"Ask Vivek Agnihotri to upload Kashmir Files on YouTube.” Arvind Kejriwal thundered in the Delhi assembly. Had anyone seen this tirade coming?

25/03/2022 12:07 PMupdated: 25/03/2022 12:10 PM
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  • Indranil G.
    01/04/2022 06:21

    Well said!!

  • Himanshu P.
    01/04/2022 05:35

    Now he wants the same vote bank , Mr. Akhilesh yadav went for 🤣

  • Himanshu P.
    01/04/2022 05:32

    He is supporter of many tukde tukde gang members who r exposed in movie ! He already hv promoted thousand of movies in tweet of Swara and deepika who were standing in JNUs !! He already have made a hindu massacre in delhi , an innocent IPS sharma was killed and throw in drain , one of his MLA Amar Abdullah khan is in jail for riots , one lady was raped in his buliding ,!! He is Urban Naxal and a Greedy theif

  • Shivakumar A.
    01/04/2022 01:44

    हरामजादा केजरुद्दीन कमीने को पाकिस्तान भेज देना चाहिए ।

  • Manoranjan M.
    31/03/2022 11:46

    One should prepare a film. On khejuriwala

  • Vinod K.
    31/03/2022 08:26

    Loosing ur respect by making such statements mr.kejriwal

  • Bala S.
    31/03/2022 01:31

    Can't trust him

  • Batul B.
    30/03/2022 11:56

    Motherchod ka alaud

  • Samir S.
    30/03/2022 11:01


  • Md R.
    30/03/2022 06:52

    Excellent sir ji

  • Franks S.
    30/03/2022 03:48

    Director has made crores of Rupees on Kashmiri Pandits with BJP govt supporting the film to create diversion on Hindu Muslims.. my question is what did the Govt do about the Kashmiri Pandits who lost everything 🤔

  • Bajaj I.
    29/03/2022 19:27

    Sense of humour🙏🙏🙏 He should be the next pm of India

  • Manjunatha M.
    29/03/2022 18:13

  • Bijoy G.
    29/03/2022 17:45

    We want kejriwal in assam fast

  • Gadafi F.
    29/03/2022 16:14

    Tell mod ji to make Gujarat massacre movi. Land of barbarians.

  • Baldev P.
    29/03/2022 15:39

    Brut is nowadays finding only such cheap stuff as its journalism.. Shame on you as an organisation. You have turned into mere anti-BJP ally rather than a neutral reporting house.! As regards claims of earning crores by Mr Vivek Agnihotri ji, who had stopped anyone from from raising that pertinent topic till date..?? Does anyone have answer..?? NO, neither anyone deserves to have the same.! Simply because it is a mere propaganda against a much needed roar of public anger for the worst ever genocide and mass exodus of Kashmiri Hindu.!

  • S. C.
    29/03/2022 14:21

    Well said sir.the bitter truth

  • Jaya P.
    29/03/2022 12:59

    In 2015: Delhi High Court directed regularisation of Kashmiri migrant teachers. Kejriwal govt challenged order of single bench. In 2018: Double bench of Delhi High Court also directed regularisation of Kashmiri migrant teachers. Kejriwal govt filed plea in SC against the order In 2018: Supreme Court rejected plea & directed regularisation of Kashmiri migrant teachers. In 2022: Kejriwal claiming that he gave jobs to Kashmiri Hindus teachers.

  • Jaya P.
    29/03/2022 12:58

    Without seeing movie says that it's fake, to cover-up he says he provided jobs to them, again lies. BRUT you are loosing your reputation.

  • Ashikur R.
    29/03/2022 09:58

    Shame modi Shame of my world.

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