Kerala Cops Force Swedish Man To Waste Booze

He bought a few bottles of alcohol to ring in the new year, but this Swedish man got a taste of hell in God's Own Country instead.

05/01/2022 12:45 PM
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  • Agnel M.
    2 days

    Who takes a bill from the liquor store Shame on such police maybe all for tea and water 🤣

  • Balaji P.
    2 days

    Who will pay fr his lise

  • Balaji P.
    2 days

    Kerala police is too much they think they are the high thrown seated god .come to Goa nd learn from Goa police we hve a great respect fr them here .very understanding cops we hve here in Goa nd iam proud to b here in Goa .

  • Sai N.
    2 days

    Kerala police Haye Haye . First I say police should b so kind to foringer and educated people.

  • Cherag B.
    2 days

    C**ts !

  • Preetham S.
    3 days

    Kudos to CM though 👌 for probe and suspending the COP (Regular COPS are kinda good in our country this traffic COPS are the one's who tries to get bribe most of the times) This COP either wanted a bribe or wanted to have free liquor for himself

  • Amrta D.
    3 days

    Sharia law already taking place in Kerala?

  • Сука Б.
    4 days

    No matter what we say or do, these police man will always abuse their power against the public. Also not forgetting their nasty habits/addiction awaiting chances for Lathi* charge just for fun at any given chances, cus it be giving them the dopamine rush- hurting, harassing and abusing the public like they're doing a great deed for the country. Obviously NOT protecting, but instead torturing us.

  • Prince G.
    5 days

    One day the cops will ask for underwear reciept too🤷‍♂️

  • Achung K.
    5 days

    Class 5 drop out cops .

  • Brain M.
    5 days

    Ahhh, this is whag happenes when you make people who eat cow shit police

  • Prithwish D.
    5 days

    I went kochi biennale , when i faced that kind of situation . Because i was carrying a box of cigarette? ....

  • Ajaan C.
    6 days

    Ban wine shop first !

  • Namridinbou N.
    6 days

    Such policeman needs to be behind bar for humiliating and for high handedness

  • Araafat K.
    7 days

    Kerala is doomed state Bloody leftists

  • Junaid J.
    22/01/2022 02:33

    Koi banda us ku yeah bata deta bhai woh ap sy 50 ki parchii mang rahy thy woh ap bs chupkey sy un ki pant my daal dety sab set tha🤣😂😂

  • Elias P.
    20/01/2022 04:51

    India …. Clean … Crisp ..Ironed uniform … Police even bigger law onto themselves

  • Karthikeyan K.
    20/01/2022 03:00

    Good such official's should be suspended 👍

  • Ajit A.
    19/01/2022 15:05

    Kerala... 😆😆😆 The law system is a joke under the communist party in state of Kerala.

  • Lewin K.
    19/01/2022 08:46

    Atithi dewi bhawa .... Waala country mai yeh haal ... 😂😂😂

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