Kiran Bedi fake news

Kiran Bedi keeps falling for fake news on social media. Should she get fact-checker for her Twitter account?

16/01/2018 12:00 AM
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  • Amar G.
    14/02/2018 09:48

    Now she has become a matter of laugh.

  • Genaro L.
    09/02/2018 10:03

    She is a a Liability

  • Harneet S.
    31/01/2018 19:54

    It happens when you're in BJP.

  • Mangesh K.
    27/01/2018 08:10

    Loosers ko bahut maaza aa raha hai... Brut India won't get anything out of it.... It's a group of loosers and you will allways stay like that....

  • Raveendran P.
    24/01/2018 17:20

    What more expect from a camp follower of fecuchand Modi.

  • Syed Z.
    22/01/2018 14:05

    She is media savy and wants in to news no matter right way or wrong

  • Ruchi T.
    21/01/2018 21:32

    Great video! The quality of these have really improved over the last few months

  • Venkadesan R.
    19/01/2018 17:52

    This video itself seems to be fake.. We still have one week for republic day but one post shows 1/27/2018.. Also the profile is unverified. Guys it is time for all of you who shared and liked to get everything verified..

  • Ankur K.
    18/01/2018 05:00

    Am I the only one who saw the date as 1/27/2018 on the republic day tweet

  • Sagar R.
    18/01/2018 04:30

    Some people shouldn't be allowed to use the internet.

  • Vikas S.
    18/01/2018 01:18

    She is a dumb disciple of BJP IT cell, much like all the "andh bhaqts " lol

  • Kanishth G.
    17/01/2018 22:54


  • Charat S.
    17/01/2018 22:47

    सुनयना शर्मा

  • Praveen S.
    17/01/2018 20:58

    Yup, thats exactly the kind of thing, thousands of INDIANS should talk about. Great content. Bravo bencho

  • Jayankar S.
    17/01/2018 17:47

    Shivi Mehra

  • Suraj S.
    17/01/2018 17:44

    please share some important news on judge loya's death

  • Sokat S.
    17/01/2018 17:36

    Its good thing that she isn't part of the AAP.

  • Ankita S.
    17/01/2018 17:32


  • Sakshi G.
    17/01/2018 17:09


  • Sk A.
    17/01/2018 17:01

    B j p to tai

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