• Viren V.
    01/16/2018 12:39

    Coz she is from bjp 😂😂😂😂

  • Madansingh R.
    01/16/2018 17:35

    Who is your sponsor

  • Vikas T.
    01/16/2018 17:38

    How to deactivate or block these kind of Sponsored ads or Pages. Please somebody help

  • Roshan K.
    01/16/2018 17:39

    This is a sponsored post.. I have not like the page.. All the sponsored posts I have seen are against BJP people.. Cannot be a coincidence

  • Subhadeep D.
    01/16/2018 17:44

    Pehle unki Tara kaam karke dekho fir chutiya sponsored articles post karna

  • Sukhdip S.
    01/16/2018 17:44

    The lady with lost mind and andh bhakt

  • Jayant K.
    01/16/2018 17:45

    She is very honest IPS officer.she is a dynamic personality in india..thanq dear you..

  • ദേവ ദ.
    01/16/2018 17:51

    May need an IQ checker for the whole team she belongs to.. Its a mandate for democrazy.

  • Soumitra D.
    01/16/2018 17:51

    It's only the problem because back dated ppl started using WhatsApp FB and Twitter

  • Shailendra K.
    01/16/2018 17:55

    She was very intelligent police officer before joining........party. Moorkhon ka sevak kab tak vidwan bana rah sakta hai?

  • Simranjeet S.
    01/16/2018 17:56


  • Ratul D.
    01/16/2018 17:57

    Most of the people commenting don't understand what sponsored posts are or how they work! Internet for everybody!

  • Adnan F.
    01/16/2018 17:57

    Gareebo ki Falguni Pathak 😂

  • Jaaved A.
    01/16/2018 17:59

    After-effects !!

  • Zainab F.
    01/16/2018 18:00

    hahaha omg

  • Aditi J.
    01/16/2018 18:01

    BRUT not again

  • Shashank P.
    01/16/2018 18:03

    It's ok.. It happens.. With everyone

  • Dhinesh K.
    01/16/2018 18:05

    Kiran Bedi is basically all our mothers who forward us the fake whatsapp messages seriously... Only difference is that shes famous.

  • Sagar B.
    01/16/2018 18:07

    Ever saw your mom comment “Jai mata Di” on one of the posts which ask you to do so to see the magic? Does that mean your mom is foolish like Kiran Bedi?

  • Deep T.
    01/16/2018 18:13