Less Known Facts About India’s Constitution

It’s the longest, one of the most artistic and the least amended constitutions in the world. And it was raining the day it was adopted. Here are some less known facts about the Constitution of India.

27/01/2020 10:57 AM
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  • Omar S.
    06/05/2020 10:35

    Jai Hind!!

  • Victor V.
    07/02/2020 18:01

    I missed the who fathomed and fashioned our constitution Baba Saheb Ambedkar. He need a salutation for creating one that shows the whole world India is different.

  • Micky S.
    07/02/2020 08:31


  • Jaswant S.
    05/02/2020 06:52

    Know more the round shape building of parliment house was built by sir sobha singh contractor father of famous writer kushwant singh who was member of Rajya sabha His father also made north south block and R.bhawan also and agood gesture made road free from R.bhawan to vijay chowk. is not orinary bld but round rajya sabha and lok sabha and round from outside it has seen many up and down imean consitution in budget 5yrs plan was must and budget allotment for railway was must postal and railway and communication important and defense budget clearly demarcated.

  • Naik S.
    02/02/2020 17:47

    Is our constitution is safe or going to change

  • Vivek N.
    31/01/2020 09:57

    Our constitutional amendment is just a puppet of political parties as per my view. Because poor never gets benefits🤗👏👏 and rich make their parts

  • Abhijit M.
    30/01/2020 18:22

    What are the less known facts ?

  • Shyamal C.
    30/01/2020 07:38

    The largest doesn't mean the best! UK has no written constitution. So what?

  • Deep I.
    30/01/2020 05:09

    We should be thankful and take care or it more than religious books.

  • David M.
    30/01/2020 03:23

    Time to reform it

  • ஏகாந்தன் அ.
    30/01/2020 00:03

    Jai bhim

  • Rajeev B.
    29/01/2020 16:44

    Our Constitution is nothing but copy paste !! Nothing about us, except SC/ST reservation for 10 year's, but our leaders will certainly continue till we are ruined!!

  • Jasbinder S.
    29/01/2020 13:45

    The prejudice constitution does not recognise any other people apart from Hindus. Prejudice is its main source.

  • Mohana V.
    29/01/2020 12:55

    Dai...constitution are made for people. So even if this indian constitution are made without any copying and self should be appropriate for all the the world. So like diversity is strength of our country let constitution from other countries could enhance our prideful Indian constitution. We are happy.

  • Prathap C.
    29/01/2020 06:47

    Shared video.

  • Lalitha K.
    29/01/2020 06:36

    Misguiding, why Dr. Ambedkar's name is not mentioned???

  • Usthad I.
    28/01/2020 19:55

    Where is ambedhkar?

  • Shamnas V.
    28/01/2020 18:32

    Where is Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar...? Annoying video, cleverly avoided BR..

  • Khurshid A.
    28/01/2020 16:03

    It is the largest written constitution of the world and all the good elements of the best constitutions of the world have been incorporated in the constitution of India.It is mainly admixture of British and US constitution.In Britain king is titular head without power.PM exercises all executive power.Our president also has less power.PM is the real executive.But India is republic like USA.Our head of the state i.e.President is elected like USA.

  • சே.ஷாலினி ப.
    28/01/2020 14:32

    Brut india Why u Did not mention Our Father of indian constitution Dr . Bhim rao ramji ambedkar , The main architech of indian constitution Given for us Best constitution in the world . Here after i will not like ur page ..!

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